White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham on DeSantis vs. Trump, Plus the President’s Actions on Jan. 6

My opinion is that she knew what was going on that day from perhaps that she had been up in the residence or phone calls that she listened to in on. She was often in the room when he was on the phone with people. They’d be on speaker together. So I just felt like she knew more than she was letting on. She was at the end of the administration. She was going to have to go home to Mar-a-Lago with him. She was not going to have the layers of staff between herself and her husband that she used to. I think maybe part of her was like, I don’t wanna get in an argument with him over this because we’re leaving office in a couple weeks, so I’m just going to go along.

If she didn’t know what was going on, I feel like she would’ve said, “What violence? What’s happening?” So she knew something was going on. But I wasn’t surprised by the statement.

I want your take on some of the testimony. We heard about the president throwing plates at the wall when he was angry. Did all these things ring true to you?

Yes, true. I would sit and watch the hearings and sometimes I would be with people at CNN, and people would look to me for a reaction. And I was like, This was life inside the White House, even when everybody was freaking out about Cassidy [Hutchinson] telling the story about the altercation in the limo.

Tony [Ornato] had a way of talking because he’s a New Yorker. He tells stories. He definitely exaggerates a bit. Everything she said rang completely true to me. Knowing the characters involved, I could see Tony doing that. I don’t think Cassidy was lying about that in any way, shape or form. Do I think the president grabbed for a neck? No, I bet he maybe grabbed a seatbelt from behind. I’m sure he did something physical, but all of it rang very, very true to me. I wish people could almost jump inside my head and be able to feel what I feel when these things are going on, because it is all so very true.

It’s been reported that you spoke with the January 6 committee. Can you talk about that at all?

I spoke with them twice and I would say that obviously I wasn’t in the West Wing at that time. I had essentially been blackballed from the West Wing at that point by Mark Meadows. He had tried to do a lot to damage me, saying I was leaking big stories, et cetera.

Were you?

No, no, no. Did I talk to the press? Absolutely. Did I leak the story about the president and the first lady and their son dela going to the bunker? The hundred percent no. I would wear under oath about that.

So I gave [the January 6 committee] more of a roadmap. A lot of the people who have been featured, I kept telling them, “This is who would have this information. These are the people who were close at that time. This is who you need to talk to about what would happen in the dining room.”

In your estimation, do you think he’s running again?

Every hour, I change my mind and I do pride myself on really knowing the man. If you had to right now, yes or no, I think he will run because his ego dele couldn’t take DeSantis running.


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