Wendy Williams promises a comeback

Less than two months after the final episode of The Wendy Williams Show aired, Wendy Williams is pledging to make a comeback.

She shared a video Wednesday advertising her forthcoming podcast, The Wendy Experience — posted on the show’s official account — in which she had a clear message for her followers: “Co-hosts, I’m famous. And I’ll be back. Trust me.”

She captioned it, “TRUST ME I will be BACK!”

Williams dropped the tease amid the latest wave of speculation about her health and well-being. Earlier this month, the former talk show host said that she had married a New York Police Department officer named Henry, only for her manager William Selby to dismiss her claim. “That’s inaccurate,” Selby told Page Six. “She is excited about a new relationship and probably got carried away in conversation.”

Also, fans expressed concern for Williams’ appearance and behavior, after she appeared thinner than usual and disoriented in paparazzi footage captured Monday. Williams suffers from health problems, including autoimmune disorder Graves’ disease, which caused her to sit out the show’s final season and hand it over to a succession of guest hosts. Meanwhile, she’s been engaged in a fight with Wells Fargo, after the bank froze some of her assets at the request of Williams’s own former financial adviser, who alleged that she was “of unsound mind.” In May, a New York judge appointed a financial guardian for Williams to protect her fortune — a move with which she disagreed.

On Wednesday, Selby told Yahoo Entertainment that Williams is a “workhorse,” and that she needs a break for multiple reasons.

“She’s eager to come back, probably too eager,” he said, adding that she’s dealing too with the recent death of her mother, her divorce and the loss of her show.

“I find a lot of people are trying to say that Wendy isn’t well, but she’s a 58-year-old woman that’s going through a lot at one time,” Selby said. “So Wendy’s not gonna have her best moments all the time. There’s gonna be times where she’s going to be physically going through something and she’s trying to be strong or push through, but the reality is that she’s one human dealing with a lot at one team.”

Selby said that, mentally, Williams is just fine.

“I just wish that, you know, people would just recognize that she’s a human and just try to be a little bit patient with her. She’s trying her best to get back to where she knows she needs to be, so she can continue her legacy, but it’s not… where it’s gonna happen instantly.”

He added that a chef for Williams is starting Monday to ensure that she’s eating healthy.

“She’s as well as she can be, being that this is the first time she’s probably had so much time on her hands in the last 20 years,” Selby said. “She’s just eager and ready to work and attack. I’m just trying to make sure she’s as healthy as she can be as she is ready.”

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