Victoria Beckham, Elton John and More Pay Tribute to Queen Elizabeth

Helen Mirren: “I am proud to be an Elizabethan. We mourn a woman, who, with or without the crown, was the epitome of nobility.”

Josh Brolin: “There’s just something about respect, through-line, some idea of ​​ritual that still feels attractive. The changes she had experienced, the malleability that she had to have incorporated into her character. The losses and the wins in a life. I’ ve realized that living out or in the bubble isn’t the issue, it’s who you surround yourself with, and what you die knowing. As simply human, I hope she had a wonderful 96 year long trip, and that her friends will always hold her in high personal honor. RIP Queen Elizabeth.”

Mick Jagger: “For my whole life Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II has always been there. In my childhood I can recall her wedding highlights on TV. I remember her as a beautiful young lady, to the much beloved grandmother of the nation. My deepest sympathies are with the Royal family.”

Dionne Warwick: “The transition of the Queen of England saddens me as I had the opportunity of meeting and performing for her. She graciously greeted me with knowledge of my recordings naming I Say A Little Prayer as a favorite. Condolences to her family and the citizens of the United Kingdom.”

Elton John: “Along with the rest of the nation, I am deeply saddened to hear the news of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s passing. She was an inspiring presence to be around, and lead the country through some of our greatest, and darkest, moments with grace , decency and a genuine caring. Queen Elizabeth has been a huge part of my life from childhood to this day, and I will miss her dearly.”

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