(Update) Alabama Dept. Of Correction Says Kastellio Vaughan “Refused Medical Assessment & Treatment” After August Surgery

Days after pictures of Kastellio Vaughan looking emaciated surfaced online, the Alabama Dept. of Correction says he “has repeatedly refused [a] medical assessment and medical treatment.”

The press released contained information about Vaughan’s medical records and was released with his consent.

Records reveal that the 32-year-old had surgery on Aug. 5, 2022. Following the procedure, he decided to be “discharged against medical advice.”

Reports also reveal that the organization cannot force Vaughan to receive medical treatment.

Family Obtains Lee Meritt As Their Lawyer

If you recall, retained family attorney Lee Merit to investigate neglect after photos on Facebook alleged of his severely shared malnourished.

Attorney Merritt released a press release saying that Kastellio had been transferred from the Elmore correctional facility in Elmore County, Alabama, to the Stranton correctional facility in Montgomery.

Attorney Merritt states his plans to bring his client justice in the press release.

It reads:

Alabama state prisons have a duty to provide the appropriate medical care for Mr. Vaughan while he remains in their custody. Prisoners are entitled to the same basic human decency as all others in our country. My office has begun working to ensure Mr. Vaughan received the cure his condition requires.

It continued:

We are also investigating whether or not ages of the state of Alabama violated their duty of care to Mr.Vaughan by allowing his medical condition to Spyro to the point reflected in the images now circulating the web.

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