Two weeks of chaos: A timeline of the U.S. pullout of Afghanistan

The United States completed its withdrawal, evacuating more than 122,000 people from the country in the final several days. Between 100 and 200 Americans remained in Afghanistan on Aug. 31, 2021, according to the Biden administration. A Republican-led Congressional investigation into the withdrawal found that more than 1,450 Afghan children were evacuated without a parent or guardian, and more 800 Americans were left behind, The Post reported Monday. The investigation, which has not been released to the public, found that despite continued evacuations this year, as of late July 84 Americans who wanted to leave were still in the country.

Thousands more Afghans, who feared they might be targets for the Taliban, were also stranded.

Since September, violence has decreased in most parts of Afghanistan. Yet security has not brought stability or prosperity.

Despite the Taliban’s assurances that women would not be discriminated against, it has issued a steady stream of orders curbing their rights. Girls are still not permitted to attend high school, and their travel and dress are now restricted.

As the country’s economy tanked amid a cutoff of international aid, the country faced mass hunger and displacement. Today, the World Food Program estimates more than 18 million people in Afghanistan are facing crisis levels of hunger.

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