Try Guys Alum Ned Fulmer Had Thoughts on Cheating in Resurfaced Chat

although Ned Fulmer is looking to move forward, some fans can’t help but look back at his past.

Earlier this week, the content creator, who was part of the popular YouTube group The Try Guyswas confirmed to be “no longer working” with his fellow members after allegations surfaced that he cheated on his wife, Ariel Fulmerwith an individual from the workplace.

Shortly after the group shared their statement, Ned issued an apology, in which he admitted to cheating, on Sept. 27. Amid him speaking out, a past interview done with Cosmopolitan resurfaced online.

In the 2017 sit-down with fellow Try Guy Zach Kornfeld, Ned—who was married for five years at the time—was asked his “number one relationship dealbreaker,” to which he responded with one word: “Cheating.” As far as what he would do if he found out his wife was not faithful? “Oh no, that hurts to even think about,” he told the outlet. “We couldn’t stay together. I’d move to Canada.”

AND! News has reached out to Ned’s reps for comment and has not yet heard back.

Amid his current scandal, the group of YouTube stars—who launched their own company in 2018 after working for years at BuzzFeed—announced that Ned would be exiting from the bunch.

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