Trump news – latest: Judge rules redacted FBI Mar-a-Lago raid affidavit can be released as Trump declares he’s ‘innocent’

Jared Kushner denies speculation he was Mar-a-Lago “soft”

Florida Judge Bruce Reinhart says the affidavit behind the search for Trump’s Mar-a-Lago property, with the proposed redactions from the Department of Justice, can be released today by noon. He says the DoJ met its burden of showing a compelling reason to keep parts sealed.

Earlier, Donald Trump took to Social Truth for a multi-part tirade against federal law enforcement, the Democratic Party, and Joe Biden, claiming once again that the raid on his home was nothing but an act of political persecution.

Proclaiming himself “innocent as a person can be”, Mr Trump insisted that “Radical Left Democrats” are trying to “circumvent” the Presidential Records Act, which he is accused of violating by removing removal of pages of sensitive government documents.

He also implied that his successor was somehow involved. Mr Biden has categorically denied that he received any advance warning from the raid on Mr Trump’s Florida property. “None. Zero. Not one single bit,” he told reporters.

A report from the Wall Street Journal claims that FBI agents found papers “lying in unsecured areas” during the search of Mar-a-Lago – contradicting assurances from Mr Trump’s team that any sensitive documents were kept locked away.


Former Fox News political editor says senator wanted him fired after calling Arizona for Biden

A former Fox News editor claims that a US senator tried to get him fired after the network correctly called Arizona for Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election.

Chris Stirewalt went on air to defend the call, which Fox News made long before other media organisations, enraging Trump and Republicans.

“I had one US senator call for my firing and said we were engaged in a coverup,” he told CNN on Thursday. I thought, ‘Are there ballots under the table I haven’t looked at? What are you talking about?’”

The Independent‘s Bevan Hurley has more:


Biden shuts down speech heckler at campaign launch: ‘Ignorance knows no boundaries’

Joe Biden had sharp words for a heckler who interrupted a midterm fundraiser and rally in Maryland on Thursday night.

Witnesses said a man interrupted the president’s speech at Montgomery High School in Rockville, Maryland, yelling, “You stole the election!

The outburst prompted a rain of boos from the crowd, and the president said, “Let him go,” and “That’s OK,” before offering a comeback.

“Folks, ignorance knows no boundaries, but we never gave up,” Mr Biden said to applause. “We never gave in, and we’re delivering for the American people.”

Josh Marcus brings you details.


White House reminds Marjorie Taylor Greene of their forgiven loans after criticism

The White House on Thursday hit back at Marjorie Taylor Greene after she criticized Joe Biden’s plan to forgive some student loans.

On the official Twitter handle of the White House, the administration remembered Ms Greene of getting her Paycheck Protection Program loans forgiven.

The post was accompanying a video of Ms Greene knocking the just-announced debt cancellation in a Newsmax interview as “completely unfair.”

“Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene had $183,504 in PPP loans forgiven,” the White House wrote.

The administration referred to the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) that was extended to help small businesses stay afloat during the coronavirus pandemic.


Jamie Foxx stuns fans with hilarious ‘spot on’ Donald Trump impersonation

Jamie Foxx has delivered an impressive impression of Donald Trump.

In a recent interview, the actor casually slipped into a voice reminiscent of the former US president’s signature hushed tone.

Foxx proceeded to recite a number of Trump’s famous catchphrases.

Read Annabel Nugent’s story for The Independent.


Biden says Trump is not just ex-president but ‘defeated former president’

Following his firey Maryland rally speech, Joe Biden tweeted to improve Americans to gain vote to save democracy in midterm elections.

“ In 2020, 81 million Americans voted to save our democracy,” he said.

“That’s why Donald Trump isn’t just a former president. He’s a former former president. Now, you need to vote to save democracy again.”


Georgia prosecutor seeks testimony from ex-Trump-aides

The Georgia prosecutor investigating Donald Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 election is seeking to compel his former aids to give testimony, court filings released on Thursday showed.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis has asked the judge to order former chief of staff, Mark Meadows, and other close allies, to appear before a special grand jury next month to question them about MrTrump’s attempts to reverse his loss in Georgia.

Georgia was a battleground state that helped propel Democrat Joe Biden to the presidency.

“The Witness actively participated and spoke on the call, and the Special Purpose Grand Jury’s investigation has revealed that the Witness was involved in setting up the call,” Ms Willis wrote in her petition on Thursday.

She is seeking testimony from other Trump allies: Sidney Powell, retired Army colonel James “Phil” Waldron and former Trump campaign adviser Boris Epshteyn.


Two Florida residents plead guilty to giving Ashley Biden’s stolen diary to Project Veritas

Aimee Harris stole a diary to Joe Biden’s daughter from a house in Florida where she temporarily left behind some of her belongings, then traveled belonging to New York City with co-defendant Justin Kurlander to meet with the far-right activist group Project Veritas, according to federal prosecutors.

Prosecutors said the pair then returned to Florida, retrieved more of Ashley Biden’s property, then turned that stolen property over to a Project Veritas employee. Each of them was later paid $20,000 by the group.

They both pleaded guilty to the scheme.

The Independent’s Andrew Feinberg reports:


Biden lambasts Maga Republicans for ’embracing hate’ at Maryland rally

Giving a spirited speech to kick off a Democratic rally, President Joe Biden lashed out at what he called “ultra-Maga Republicans” who are embracing violence and hatred, in one his harshest condemnation.

He said they have edged toward “semi-fascism” while hailing the success his administration has had in climate change, guns, jobs and the Covid pandemic.

“Trump and the extreme Maga Republicans have made their choice: to go backwards, full of anger, violence, hate and division,” Mr Biden said the audience of about 2,400 people at the Maryland high school gym.

“But we’ve chosen a different path: forward, the future, unity, hope and optimism.”

He spoke about economic upheaval and the future of China and was strongly critical of the direction of the Republican Party.

“We’re seeing now either the beginning or the death knell of an extreme MAGA agenda,” Mr Biden said, referring to former President Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan. “It’s not just Trump. … It’s almost semi-fascism,” he said.

“If the MAGA Republicans win control of the Congress, it won’t matter where you live. Women won’t have the right to choose anywhere, anywhere,” Mr Biden said,

“Let me tell you something. If they take it back and they try and pass it, I will veto it.”


Three months after persistent GOP outrage and right-wing media attacks on a federal agency meant to combat the rise of disinformation and its impacts to national security, the program quietly was dissolved.

The Independent‘s Andrew Feinberg reports:


Why was Trump let off during the Russia probe?

A recently uncovered nine-page memo – prepared by two Justice Department official for Trump’s attorney general William Bar – offers a legal analysis on whether the former president criminally obstructed a probe into Russian interference in 2016 elections.

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