Trump news – latest: Jan 6 criminal probe reportedly subpoenas former deputy White House counsel

Blake Masters projected to win GOP nomination for Arizona Senate

Donald Trump has launched a broadside against proposed reforms to the Electoral Count Act, claiming that the effort to make it more specific is proof that Mike Pence did in fact have scope to throw out the certification of electoral college votes on 6 January 2021.

“Senators are meeting right now on reforming the Electoral Count Act so that a Vice President can no longer do what EVERYBODY, except for certain Conservative legal scholars, said was not allowed to be done. So they all lied,” he wrote, adding that Mr Pence “could have sent fraudulent votes back to State Legislatures” in his view of him.

Meanwhile, Mr Trump is celebrating several victories for his chosen candidates in primary races held last night. Blake Masters has won the Republican nomination for the Arizona Senate race. His chosen gubernatorial candidate in the state, Kari Lake, is leading her primary opponent by a narrow margin as the vote count continues.

In Missouri, meanwhile, Eric Schmitt defeated Eric Greitens to win the Senate nomination, meaning Mr Trump’s endorsement of “Eric” proved to be a safe bet.


Chair of powerful House committee doesn’t believe Biden will run for reelection in 2024

The chair of the powerful House oversight committee, Representative Carolyn Maloney, said on Tuesday that she does not think President Joe Biden will mount a campaign for a second term in 2024.

Speaking during a primary debate for candidates vying for the Democratic Party’s nomination in New York’s 12th congressional district, Ms Maloney and other candidates were asked whether Mr Biden should run for re-election.

She responded: “I don’t believe he’s running for re-election”.


US ‘does not want a crisis’ because of Pelosi’s Taiwan trip, says White House

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said that the United States does not seek to turn House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan into a crisis with China.

Ms Jean-Pierre made the remark during a White House press briefing on Wednesday after Ms Pelosi became the highest-ranking US government official to visit Taiwan.

Eric Garcia reports from Washington, DC.


Voices: All eyes are on Kyrsten Sinema now — from both parties

It turns out that getting Senator Joe Manchin on board was the easy part for Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.

After Manchin and Schumer announced their agreement on the Inflation Reduction Act, many Democrats on the House and Senate side either praised the spending bill or at least seemed optimistic about its measures to mitigate climate change and lower prescription drug costs.

The mercurial Manchin has been touting the legislation everywhere he can, even defending it on Fox News – the same network where he infamously killed Build Back Better last year.

But since Democrats have only 50 seats, that means they need every Senator in their conference plus Vice President Kamala Harris to break a tie. All eyes are now on Kyrsten Sinema, the first Democrat to win a Senate seat from Arizona in 30 years.


Indiana Rep Jackie Walorski killed in car crash

US Representative Jackie Walorski, a Republican from Indiana’s 2nd district, was killed in an automobile accident on Wednesday.

According to multiple news outlets Ms Walorski died following a crash in Elkhart County at 12.32 pm local time.

Ms Walorski’s communications director, Emma Thompson, was named among the deceased, as was a local Republican Party official. According to the news station, Ms Walorski’s vehicle was struck head-on by a driver who crossed over into oncoming traffic; the driver of that vehicle died as well.


Could Detroit be left without Black representation?

State Rep Shri Thanedar won Michigan’s 13th Congressional Democratic primary, topping a field of nine candidates in a district that covers most of Detroit and potentially leaving the predominantly Black city next term without Black representation in Congress for the first time since the early 1950s.

Results from Tuesday’s election show Mr Thanedar, an immigrant from India, defeating state Rep. Adam Hollier and attorney Portia Roberson.

“This race was not about me,” Mr Thanedar said in a statement. “Michigan’s 13th Congressional district is one of the poorest in the country, and I will fight for economic and racial justice in Congress.”


Trump congratulates MAGA primary winners (and himself)

Still taking a victory lap from last night’s primary wins for candidates endorsed by him, the former president took to Truth Social again this afternoon to congratulate the winners.

BIG, HISTORIC WINS for Trump-endorsed candidates across the Country last night! Now 15-0 in Senate primaries, Perfect Records in Arizona, Kansas, Michigan, and Missouri. Congratulations to our MAGA Candidates!


Report says Jan 6 probe to subpoena Alex Jones’ texts and emails obtained at trial

The January 6 committee is preparing to subpoena Alex Jones’ texts and emails that were accidentally sent to an attorney for the Sandy Hook victims, according to a report.

Attorney Mark Bankston revealed he had mistakenly received a trove of thousands of Jones’ private communications during the Infowars founder’s defamation trial on Wednesday.

Within a few hours, the House committee investigating the attack on the US Capitol began preparing to subpoena the messages, a source told rolling stone.

Bevan Hurley is tracking this breaking news story.


CNN reports former Trump deputy White House counsel subpoenaed by Jan 6 probe

Former Deputy White House Patrick Philbin has been subpoenaed in the January 6 federal criminal probe being conducted by the Justice Department.


Missouri man who pointed gun at BLM protesters gets just 3% of vote in run for GOP Senate nomination

Mark McCloskey, the St. Louis attorney who shot to when he and his wife dele threatened Black Lives Matter protesters with guns outside their home dele in the summer of 2020, lost in the Republican primary for US Senate in Missouri on Tuesday night.

Mr McCloskey received just three percent of the vote in the hotly contested primary to replace retiring Sen. Roy Blunt, finishing in fifth place behind victor Eric Schmitt and three other candidates.


Trump-endorsed Blake Masters wins GOP nomination for Senate in Arizona

Venture capitalist Blake Masters won the Republican nomination for Senate in Arizona, after former president Donald Trump’s endorsement catapulted him to the front of the pack of candidates.

Mr Masters beat Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich and businessman Jim Lamon in the Republican primary on Tuesday. Mr Masters earned attention after he ran ads saying that he believed that the former president won the 2020 presidential election.

Eric Garcia reports on last night’s primary results.

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