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Tori Kelly‘s last album Inspired By True Events was filled with difficult truths and personal traumas that the singer hardened and has since “healed” from. Nearly four years later, she’s ready to re-introduce her sound to her, revealing to in an EXCLUSIVE interview that an obvious “shift” has happened in her life. “My last full length album that I put out was very personal and talked about a lot of just topics that were more personal. Since healing from that, I’m going into this next chapter ready to have fun again!” Tori told HL. “I’m ready to talk about love. I’m married. I’m ready to dance and have a good time, so I’ve been working on that music.”

Tori Kelly models her DIFF Eyewear collection. (Courtesy of DIFF Eyewear)

The sing star added that as she nears her “30th year on earth” this December, she feels her confidence blossoming. “There’s definitely a shift while inching closer to that!” she admitted. For this “new direction” she’s taking with her music from her, Tori told HL she’s working with writer/producer Jon Bellion, who she’s “been a fan for years.” “His writing and production styles are just so incredible, that’s something I’m really looking forward to people hearing,” she said. “And then, of course, putting it into a live show, I’m so looking forward to that.”

Tori revealed that lyrically, she’d still be “pulling from [her] own life.” “Life has always been my inspiration,” she said. “But I think a big topic for me has simply been me being loved and me being happy…and I realized that I don’t really have many songs that represent the love that I feel more in recent years.” Recall, Tori is married to her dela longtime love André Murillo, and the couple seem happier than ever with their pup, Dobby! “I feel like I’m just an outpour of those feelings of love and joy right now!” she gushed.

Tori Kelly models her DIFF Eyewear collection. (Courtesy of DIFF Eyewear)

The essence behind Tori’s new chapter of music is also highlighted in her collaboration with DIFF Eyewear, which dropped on August 4th. With the brand, the singer designed and glam line of frames that scream confidence! “To actually have my own collection that represents where I am in life and the different things that I love right now is really a dream come true!” she told HL. “Each pair out of the six different ones have their own unique spin to it, so I’m so excited to see how people style them!”

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