The E! Cover Story: Elizabeth Chambers Is Ready to Comment

E!: In the past two years, do you feel like you have sat down and processed everything that has occurred?

EC: Definitely. I don’t think it was as clearly defined as sitting down. It was sound healing. A breakthrough writing with intentions. Burning things, putting them in the ocean, having prayer for myself, having beach walks with my kids, having too much wine with my friends—all of that. It’s whatever you need at that time and realizing that whatever you’re going to honor. And it was setting boundaries with people who I thought I could trust. It’s not always pretty and it’s not always peaceful, and it takes on many forms.

E!: How does it feel to be on the other side of that processing?

EC: I’ll be working at the bakery and a customer is like, “How are you, really?” And I’m like, “I’m really well right now, thank you.” If you asked me that a year and a half ago, you would have a different answer—or I’d be lying to you. [Laughs]

Time does heal, but time alone doesn’t heal. You need to work through it. People are flawed. People make horrible mistakes. people change, by the way. For me the whole time it has been about, “These are my boundaries. If you can meet them, then we can take the next step.” That’s with everyone in my life, but also with myself.

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