How this 29-year-old turned his side hustle into a $1.5 million business

In 2014, I was fresh out of college and thought I had my life all planned out: Go to medical school, get a six-figure job as a doctor, and make my parents proud. None of that worked out. I realized I hated blood and needles, and got rejected from more than 15 medical schools. My … Read more

Hailey Bieber Explains She Had Heart Surgery After a Blood Clot Caused a Mini Stroke

Hailey Bieber gave her fans an update on her health after suffering a mini stroke last month, assuring everyone that she’s doing much better now. The model shared a new YouTube video on her channel titled “telling my story” in which she explains in her own words the scary experience she’s been through and what … Read more

Jerry Jones blames son Stephen for Taco Charlton pick in 2017

From left, Stephen Jones, Mike McCarthy, Jerry Jones.Image: Getty Images I do appreciate that Jerry Jones will actually get in front of a microphone and talk to the people. It’s something that his brethren him in NFL refuse to do, and maybe if they did they would have the most valuable sports franchise in the … Read more