Through ‘Yellowjackets’ and ‘High School,’ Anna Waronker Is Making the ’90s Timeless

musician and composer Anna Waronker, most recently of the TV series High School, is trying not to gush too much, but she really likes the show. The TV adaptation of tegan and Sara Quin‘s memoir of the same name, which premiered last month on Amazon Freevee, tells the story of how the now famous pop … Read more

Behold, 20 Essential TV Episodes to Watch Before the 2022 Emmys

When nominations for the 2022 Emmys were first announced, Vanity Fair’s David Canfield lamented: “Like Everyone Else, Voters Ran Out of Time.” Generally, Television Academy members championed series released early in awards season—from HBO’s The White Lotus to Netflix’s Squid Game, in favor of some buzzy spring releases. Perhaps they were too preoccupied with binge-watching … Read more

In ‘Yellowjackets’ Season 2, Christina Ricci Wants to Go Deeper—And Weirder

Early on during filming of yellowjackets‘ first season, the cameras rolled and after action had been called, Juliette Lewis turned around and—while in character as the volatile Natalie—hit Christina Ricci. This wasn’t in the script, but hell if it wasn’t in character. “I just pushed her right back,” Ricci recalls of improvising her way through … Read more

Karyn Kusama Says “Yellowjackets” Is a War Story About Women

Karyn Kusama‘s journey through Hollywood has probably felt, at times, like trying to survive after a plane crash. The director, known for the 2009 now-cult classic Jennifer’s Body, 2015’s The Invitation, and the 2018 Nicole Kidman-starrer destroyer, found herself struggling to get more work in film after Jennifer’s Body and Aeon Flux had rocky receptions—putting … Read more