Drought-Hit China Plans To Use Cloud-Seeding To Induce Rain: Report

China is using cloud-seeding technology to generate rain to alleviate the drought conditions. Authorities in China are trying to induce rainfall in the midst of a catastrophic drought, which is caused by a record-breaking heatwave. The country is reportedly intending to utilize cloud-seeding technology to generate rain in an effort to alleviate the drought conditions … Read more

Half of China hit by drought in worst heatwave on record

A woman poses for a photo on a bridge near the Bund amid a heatwave warning as Shanghai switches off lights along a popular waterfront to conserve energy in Shanghai BEIJING: Half of China’s vast territory is now experiencing drought, including parts of the frigid Tibetan Plateauofficial data show — with more high temperatures forecast … Read more

China’s shrinking ‘kidney’ lake lays bare growing climate challenges

The view of pagodas on Louxingdun island that usually remain partially submerged under the water of Poyang Lake which is facing low water levels due to a regional drought in Jiangxi province, China. (Reuters photo) POYANG LAKE, CHINA: Normally surrounded by water in August, a pagoda-topped island in China’s Poyang Lake is now fully visible, … Read more