Biden and Xi need to resume Taiwan talks, think tank says  

A meeting between Biden and Xi at the upcoming G-20 Summit in November is on the cards, and that would be a good opportunity for the US and China to start reengaging with each other, an analyst said. Mandel Ngan | afp | Getty Images The United States and China need to reopen dialogue over … Read more

India’s military ties with Russia will endure for decades: Analyst

Russian President Vladimir Putin with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization leaders’ summit in Samarkand on Sept. 16, 2022. “Today’s era is not an era of war, and I have spoken to you on the phone about this,” Modi said to Putin in a televised meeting. Alexandr Demyanchuk … Read more

China’s Xi makes first public appearance after ‘coup’ rumours | Xi Jinping News

Rumors of ‘house arrest’ put to rest as President Xi Jinping attends exhibition in Beijing, before the governing Communist Party summit. Chinese President Xi Jinping visited an exhibition in Beijing on Tuesday, according to state television, in his first public appearance since returning to China from an official trip to Central Asia in mid-September – … Read more

Xi Jinping prepares to extend his reign at 20th Party Congress

HONG KONG: Next month, chairman Xi Jinping will extend his term in power for another five years, as the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP) conducts its all-important 20th Party Congress. Perhaps only the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II could compare to the pomp and ceremony that will accompany this congress in Beijing, with the … Read more

Prominent Chinese commentator urges Covid experts to ‘speak out’

BEIJING: Prominent Chinese commentator Hu Xijin said on Sunday that as China ponders its Covid-19 policies, epidemic experts need to speak out and China ought to conduct comprehensive research and make any studies transparent to the public. Hu’s unusual call on Chinese social media for candor and transparency earned him 34,000 likes on the popular … Read more

Internet rumours of Xi Jinping removed in coup, no official word from Beijing

NEW DELHI: The Internet, especially social media, was awash on Saturday with speculation that Chinese President Xi Jinping, who had ruled his country with absolute authority, had been deposed in a coup that began unfolding while he was away in Samarkand attending the SCO Summit beginning September 14. There was no corroborative reporting from any … Read more

North Korea fires ballistic missile, Seoul says

SEOUL: North Korea fired a ballistic missile Sunday, Seoul’s military said, just days after a US aircraft carrier arrived for joint drills with the south in a show of force against Pyongyang. With talks long-stalled, nuclear-armed North Korea has doubled down on its banned weapons programmes, even revamping its laws earlier this month to declare … Read more

Washington backs ‘open lines of communication’ with Beijing | Politics News

US and Chinese foreign ministers discuss need to ‘responsibly manage’ relationship amid tensions over Taiwan. Washington, DC – The United States’s top diplomat has told its Chinese counterpart that the two countries must keep communication channels open, the US State Department says, as global competition and tensions persist between Washington and Beijing. US Secretary of … Read more

Ukraine military gains could deepen Russia’s economic problems

Russian President Vladimir Putin attends a meeting of heads of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) member states at a summit in Samarkand, Uzbekistan September 16, 2022. Foreign Ministry Of Uzbekistan | via Reuters Ukraine’s counteroffensive, which has seen vast swathes of Russian-occupied territory get recaptured, could be compounding Russia’s economic troubles, as international sanctions continue … Read more

China quarantine bus crash prompts outcry over ‘zero Covid’

TAIPEI: A nighttime bus crash that killed 27 people in southwest China this week has set off a storm of anger online over the harshness of the country’s strict Covid-19 policies. The initial police report did not say who the passengers were and where they were going, but it later emerged they were headed to … Read more