Albert Pujols homer-happy as he makes MLB history

Albert Pujols has been one of the hottest hitters in baseball the second half of the Getty Images Last night, Albert Pujols lit baseball Twitter on fire, smacking his 699th and 700th career home runs in the same game, the same feat he accomplished for his 499th and 500th home runs. It’s been an … Read more

New York Yankees’ Aaron Judge hits 60th home run in a time when that should be impossible

Aaron Judge watches 60th HR.illustration: Getty Images It was a number we didn’t even think about when we were kids. Only if you were born in a specific time, where you were an impressionable youth between 1998-2003, would 60 seem reasonable, or even reachable, or something to be expected to happen semi-regularly. It was never … Read more

Houston Astros clinch AL West

The Houston Astros won another AL West titleImage: Getty Images Last night, the Astros clinched their fifth AL West title out of the last six. And that one they missed was the 2020 season, which basically doesn’t count. So for all intents and purposes, this is their fifth straight division title. Currently, that’s the longest … Read more

CC Sabathia says Shohei Ohtani ‘best player ever’

Last year’s AL MVP and this season’s uncrowned MVPImage: Getty Images The Shohei Ohtani love has officially gone off the rails. Enter CC Sabathia. The other day on MLB Network, the former left-handed ace proclaimed Ohtani as the best player ever. Talk about prisoner of the moment. Folks need to pump the brakes. “He’s the … Read more

Should the Rays, Jays, and Mariners race to the bottom?

ballsphoto: Getty Images We knew the new baseball playoff system, with the addition of a third wildcard team, would create quirks. In a vacuum, it works because all division winners are considered equal. But in reality, where people play the games, they very much are not. Teams are hard to judge on just their record, … Read more

Lamar Jackson and Baltimore Ravens unable to reach agreement

Lamar Jackson is betting on himself this seasonphoto: Getty Images Lamar Jackson sees its market value. With the bank accounts of proven starting quarterbacks soaring, and the number of them throughout the NFL fluctuating, the Ravens starter is one of two former NFL MVPs to be active and not past their prime. Jackson is the … Read more

Does anybody actually want to win the NL Wild Card?

San Diego’s Nick Martinez feels the heat in relief during the Padres’ 5-0 loss to Arizona on Monday.Image: Getty Images The MLB postseason starts in just over a month. In the National League, four of the six spots have all but been secured. The Dodgers will easily win the NL West, the Cardinals will win … Read more

IDIOT OF THE MONTH: We’re surrounded by idiots

illustration: Getty Images Here’s the current state of Nebraska football: Head coach Scott Frost, who was sanctioned and suspended for holding illegal practices stemming from the COVID season, recently bragged about practicing his players to the point of vomiting on some sort of macho “We’re the best -conditioned football team” shit right before succumbing late … Read more

Angels continue to waste Shohei Ohtani’s talents

A player this special deserves to make the postseasonphoto: AP The Los Angeles Angels should be appointment television viewing. Two of their players have won half of the American League MVP awards since 2014. The most recent winner of that award — Shohei Ohtani — is playing baseball in a way in which the NFL … Read more

The Los Angeles Dodgers, the greatest team of all time

How dominant are the Dodgers?illustration: Getty Images The Dodgers won on Sunday. Which really isn’t news, they do that a lot. Beating the Miami Marlins isn’t really a cause for celebration either, as it’s far more of a function than an accomplishment. And yet, zoom out and it is pretty startling what the Dodgers have … Read more