AEW’s Chris Jericho is new Ring of Honor champion

The Ocho!screenshot: All Elite Wrestling There was this internet pipe dream back in 2007. This little company with a cult independent following called Ring of Honor finally became popular enough to appear on television. It happened to be in the form of a taped pay-per-view called Respect is Earned, a live event held in New … Read more

Jon Moxley has always been The Guy in AEW

Give the man his due — Jon Moxley shows up when it matters.Image: Getty Images It’s fair to call Jon Moxley an All Elite Wrestling OG despite his unique path to stardom. He wasn’t at all in, the Young Bucks and Cody Rhodes self-promoted show that started as an online bet and ended up the … Read more

Members of All Elite Wrestling roster involved in backstage fracas

There is a LOT going on behind the scenes at AEW,screenshot: AEW Before jumping into the specifics of how All Elite Wrestling would be incredibly foolish to not have this weekend’s post-pay-per-view drama lead to a comic-book-style Civil War angle, with the locker room’s figureheads jostling for control of the company based on their vision … Read more

Johnny Gargano makes triumphant WWE return

Johnny Gargano returned to WWE.screenshot: WWE Of course he’s back under Paul “Triple H” Levesque’s leadership. Any doubt to the future career path of longtime NXT MVP Johnny Gargano turned to hope in the aftermath of Vince McMahon’s resignation from WWE. “Johnny Wrestling” left the company on good terms. He did it to spend time … Read more

CM Punk played himself

CM Punkphoto: AP The honeymoon period with CM Punk in All Elite Wrestling has been over for a long time. It easily ceased before this week’s drama unfolded. He’s had to sink or swim based on what his current ability is for several months. If Punk was just a nostalgia act, he’d leave AEW head-honcho … Read more

Former Patriots lineman crashed car to avoid Belichick’s wrath

Rich Ohrnbergerphoto: AP In the barren wasteland that is sports in August, there are only baseball and speculative NFL stories to write about. And since we just wrote about Aaron Judge and he didn’t hit a dinger Friday night, we’ve got football chatter for you. Today’s anecdote comes from former New England Patriot offensive lineman … Read more

Vince McMahon had sexual relationship with WWE staffer, paid $3M hush money, report claims

Not so great for business.Image: Getty Images Payoffs, pal. The figurehead of near-monopolizing professional wrestling company World Wrestling EntertainmentVince McMahon, is under investigation for an alleged $3 million settlement with a former WWE employee with whom he had an affair. According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, which cites people familiar with the … Read more

AEW’s Jeff Hardy needs help

Not a great look, Jeff.screenshot: Florida Highway Patrol It’s undeniable at this point. Jeff Hardy must come to terms with how lucky he is that his reckless behavior has not seriously hurt anyone thus far. He’s repeatedly put himself in danger outside the squared circle after making his career with a high-flying, daredevil style. Hardy … Read more