Biden’s bluster: Strategy, vanity or gamble | Joe Biden

What’s up with Joe? He’s all bluster and bravado nowadays even though, as a good Catholic, he knows that vainglory is the worst of the seven sins! Only months after his humiliating withdrawal from Afghanistan, President Biden is raising the stakes against both world nuclear powers, China and Russia, while boasting of America’s unmatched military … Read more

Oklahoma signs into law US’s strictest abortion legislation | Women’s Rights News

The law allows private citizens to sue abortion providers in almost all cases, a model first used in Texas. Oklahoma’s conservative governor has signed into law the most severe abortion restriction currently active in the United States. The law, passed by the state’s Republican-controlled legislature last week and signed into law on Wednesday by Governor … Read more

Uvalde school massacre: The American nightmare | Gun Violence

In his official remarks on the May 24 elementary school massacre in Uvalde, Texas – during which 18-year-old gunman Salvador Ramos killed 19 children and two adults – United States President Joe Biden demanded: “When in God’s name are we going to stand up to the gun lobby?” Affirming that “to lose a child is … Read more

Two years after Floyd, Biden signs police reform executive order | Police News

Washington, DC – US President Joe Biden has signed an executive order that aims to advance “effective, accountable policing” in the United States and strengthen public safety, as the nation marks the second anniversary of George Floyd’s death at the hands of police in Minneapolis. Amid rising crime and failure of police reform legislation in … Read more

There is a sickness in America | Gun Violence

Like the country he leads, Joe Biden looked and sounded exhausted. The United States president was obliged, yet again, to “address” the nation in the blunt-force-trauma-like aftermath of the murder of schoolchildren in a small Texas town – Uvalde – that few had heard of, but that now joins the gruesome roster of other towns … Read more

US To Call UN Vote On North Korea Sanctions Over Missiles: Official

South Korea claimed that at least 3 ballistic missiles were fired by North Korea on Wednesday. Washington: The United States will call the United Nations Security Council to vote shortly on toughening sanctions on North Korea after it fired an intercontinental ballistic missile, a senior US official said Wednesday. The official expected a vote “in … Read more

The 21 lives lost in Texas school shooting | Gun Violence News

Stories have begun to emerge about the 19 fourth-graders and their two teachers who were gunned down behind a barricaded door at their primary school in Texas, shedding light on the deep anguish their killing leaves behind. One student was an avid runner. Another loved baseball and video games. One girl sensed something was wrong … Read more

McDonald’s shareholders vote on Carl Icahn proxy fight over animal welfare

Signage outside a McDonald’s Corp. fast food restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky, US, on Friday, Oct. 22, 2021. Luke Sharrett | Bloomberg | Getty Images McDonald’s shareholders meeting on Thursday morning will mark the climax of a proxy fight waged by activist investor Carl Icahn, who is pushing for two seats on the fast-food giant’s board … Read more

US stocks rally as Fed minutes meet expectations | Business and Economy News

Investors fear that overly aggressive interest rate hikes by the Fed could tip the economy into recession. Wall Street closed higher Wednesday, boosted after minutes from the Federal Reserve’s latest monetary policy meeting showed policymakers sharply felt the United States economy was very strong as they grappled with reining in inflation without triggering a recession. … Read more

Texas Shooter Shared Plan On Facebook, Used AR-15 Rifle For Attack: Governor

Texas Shooting: At least 19 students and 2 adults were killed at a Texas elementary school on Tuesday. Uvalde: The Texas school gunman shared his plan to attack a school on Facebook approximately 15 minutes before opening fire, the state governor said Wednesday, adding the attack weapon was an AR-15 assault rifle. Governor Greg Abbott … Read more