Faith-based schools have implications for persistence of patriarchal norms in society: UNESCO report

NEW DELHI: madrasas and other faith-based schools in Asia can cancel out some of the positive impact of increased education access on gender equality and have implications for persistence of patriarchal norms and attitudes in society, according to the UNESCO-published global education monitoring report. The report, on the theme of “deepening the debate on those … Read more

Over 150 Ukraine cultural landmarks destroyed by Russia’s war: UN

PARIS: United Nations experts have confirmed the full or partial destruction of 152 cultural and historic heritage sites in Ukraine since Russia invaded the country, its cultural agency said Thursday. They include museums and monuments, churches and other religious buildings, and libraries and other exceptional buildings, UNESCO said in an update on its efforts to … Read more

Is Russia as isolated as Ukraine’s allies hope?

PARIS: Two months into Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, US President Joe Biden’s claim that Moscow is more isolated than ever looks more like wishful thinking. Efforts to ostracise Moscow have faced resistance from a reluctant section of the international community. “There’s a very clear isolation of Russia from the Western bloc, especially due to the … Read more

japan: Tour boat with 26 goes missing in Japan after distress call, search on

TOKYO: A sightseeing boat in Japan, carrying 26 people, went missing after sending a distress signal warning that it was sinking on Saturday, the coastguard and local media said. Rescuers are searching the missing boat. The “Kazu 1” was sailing in the cold and rough waters off the northern tip of Japan’s Hokkaido prefecture when … Read more