Chinese Boy Watched Too Much TV. What His Parents Did Sparks Debate On Internet

The couple forced the kid to watch television all night Parents discipline their children and teach them important life values ​​in a variety of ways. However, one Chinese couple went to extremes to teach their kid a lesson. To punish their eight-year-old son for watching too much television, the tough-love couple forced the kid to … Read more

Through ‘Yellowjackets’ and ‘High School,’ Anna Waronker Is Making the ’90s Timeless

musician and composer Anna Waronker, most recently of the TV series High School, is trying not to gush too much, but she really likes the show. The TV adaptation of tegan and Sara Quin‘s memoir of the same name, which premiered last month on Amazon Freevee, tells the story of how the now famous pop … Read more

Norman Reedus Unpacks the ‘Walking Dead’ Finale and His ‘F-cking Great’ Spin-Off

The walking Dead is dead, but Daryl Dixon rides on. After 11 killer seasons, AMC’s smash-hit zombie series wrapped up on Sunday with “Rest in Peace,” while also setting up three upcoming spin-offs: dead city featuring Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan🇧🇷 an untitled series about Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Michonne (Danai Gurira), … Read more

‘Dead to Me’ Was Never Getting a Fairy-Tale Ending, but Creator Liz Feldman Did

This post contains spoilers for the final season of dead to me🇧🇷 When Liz Feldman created dead to me🇧🇷 a prickly tragicomedy that recently debuted its third and final season on Netflix, she aimed to avoid writing herself into the narrative. “My shows in the past, the ones you’ve seen and not seen, I always … Read more

CNN Plans to Sober Up New Year’s Eve, but Andy Cohen Vows to “Party Harder”

This New Year’s Eve, CNN may either be pouring one out or raising a glass—it depends on your job title. The cable news network plans to sober up its gleefully boozy coverage with the arrival of CNN chief Chris Licht🇧🇷 Variety reported on Wednesday. But hours later Andy Cohen🇧🇷 who has cohosted NYE coverage with … Read more

Glee’s Kevin McHale and Jenna Ushkowitz Reclaim a Complicated Legacy

As Murphy says, everyone involved with the show had to decipher the difference between “what glee did I’m us and for us.” That’s the needle they’ll need to thread in hosting their podcast, explains Ushkowitz: “’Being a part of something special makes you special’ is the thesis of glee🇧🇷 ‘What glee did I’m us and … Read more

The White Lotus: Michael Imperioli Isn’t Sure Dominic Can Change, Either

Michael Imperioli knows that Dominic has a serious problem. “When I discussed the character with mike white we were both on the same page: This guy’s dealing with compulsive behavior, you could call it sex addiction,” Imperioli says of his unfaithful Hollywood exec. “He’s not someone who’s just a cheat and a philander. It’s compounded … Read more

Stranger Things’ Final-Season Plans Made Netflix Executives Cry

The last installment of Stranger Things is bringing tears along with its Vecna-induced terror. Over the weekend, creators ross and Matt Duffer teased the direction of their show’s fifth and final season, telling the audience at a Los Angeles event that their pitch had invoked waterworks from the steely execs at Netflix. “We turned in … Read more

‘Interview With the Vampire’’s Sam Reid on the Particular Peculiarity of Playing a Vampire

After 1976’s Interview With the Vampire became a runaway hit for the late novelist Anne Rice, she followed it up with many more titles in the series, as well as a series about witches in New Orleans. To date, only two of her dozens of supernatural novels have been adapted as feature films: Interview With … Read more

Bradley Whitford on Directing His Bombshell ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Episode

Warning: Spoilers ahead for The Handmaid’s Tale, season five, episode nine. By his own admission, Bradley Whitford is well aware that a white man in his 60s might be an odd choice to helm an episode of The Handmaid’s Tale. Still, he’d floated the idea of ​​directing to creator and showrunner Bruce Miller after joining … Read more