49ers’ Jimmy Garoppolo back under center after Trey Lance injury

The re-signing makes sense, now, doesn’t‘t it?Image: Getty Images Jimmy Garroppolo is running the offense again in San Francisco after second-year quarterback Trey Lance suffered a horrific injury ankle Sunday, akin to Dak Prescott’s in 2020, during the Niners’ 27-7 win over the Seattle Seahawks. He was carted off the field toward the end of … Read more

Failed coach Mike Martz trashes Trey Lance, Justin Fields

Mike Martzphoto: Getty Images One of my favorite parts of NFL coverage is no matter how bad you were at your job, you qualify as an expert because some clueless owner made the mistake of hiring you. Imagine if you hired a plumber, he came over and not only didn’t unclog your toilet but clogged … Read more

Most and least valuable players

Saquon Barkleyphoto: Getty Images Saquon Barkley had never won a season opener in the NFL prior to Sunday. If it weren’t for his 24 touches and 194 yards from scrimmage, Barkley would be starting an NFL season in a 0-1 hole for the fifth time in his career. Instead, Barkley’s high usage day kept the … Read more

Bettors like Chicago Bears vs. San Francisco 49ers

The Bears are the popular pick to win in Week 1photo: Getty Images Heading into Week 1 of the NFL season, the biggest underdogs are the Houston Texans (+7), the New York Jets (+6.5), the Pittsburgh Steelers (+6.5), and the Chicago Bears (+6.5). When it comes to betting, if anybody was interested in picking one … Read more

George Kittle’s groin injury is bad news for Trey Lance, 49ers

Trey Lance could be without one of his top targetsphoto: Getty Images With all the quarterback drama swirling around the San Francisco 49ers, other important parts of the team have seemingly flown under the radar. One of those significant pieces is tight end George Kittle. What’s being called a Grade 2 groin strain looks like … Read more

The Rams and the rest

Can Kyler keep away from Call of Duty and lead Arizona to a division title?photo: Getty Images Logical Outcome The defending Super Bowl champions, the Los Angeles Rams, will look to defend their NFC West title against the team that beat them twice in the regular season last year and almost won in the NFC … Read more

Texans, Bears, Giants, Seahawks, Jets

1. New York Jets Image: Getty Images The Jets had a pretty good offseason. Unfortunately, they probably won’t improve enough to make a huge impact in the standings. At best, they’ll be the third-best team in the AFC East which isn’t exactly the toughest division in the NFL. And Zach Wilson is likely to miss … Read more

The NFL’s 5 most intriguing Week 1 storylines

photo: Getty Images There are bound to be hard feelings whenever a player is traded away from a team they had great success with. During Tireek Hill’s six years in Kansas City, he went from return specialist/slot receiver to one of the best pass catchers in the league. Then he was traded to Miami during … Read more

Portuguese artist draws Jimmy Garoppolo daily

Artist Rita Carvalho holds her favorite drawing of Jimmy Garappolo.photo: Rita Carvalho On Monday, the Jimmy Garoppolo saga in San Francisco took an unexpected tour. Rather than trading the two-time Super Bowl champ, as many people expected, the 49ers opted to keep Garoppolo around, restructuring his contract him to make him the highest-paid backup in … Read more