Richard Jefferson goes on rant about shortening NBA season

Richard Jeffersonphoto: Getty Images Professional sports is not the easiest way to earn a living. That was part of what Richard Jefferson was trying to get at during his viral rant after Adam Silver dained to consider the idea of shortening the NBA season. Jefferson was drafted in 2001 and to his credit, the first … Read more

Looks like the Denver Broncos’ new owner is another white guy

photo: Getty Images When Maya Angelou said, “When people show you who they are, believe them,” she was foreshadowing the actions of the NFL. Despite all the headlines and backlash that the league receives, and the fact that they’re dealing with the lawsuit class action from three Black men who are alleging racist hiring practices … Read more

Rams give Aaron Donald massive raise

Aaron Donaldillustration: Getty Images What does saving the Super Bowl and being arguably the best NFL player — certainly the best one not named Patrick Mahomes or Aaron Rodgers — get a person? Fortunately, for Aaron Donald and the Los Angeles Rams, not a contract dispute that lasts into training camp. There have been rumors … Read more

Putting “San Francisco” on the Warriors’ home court is lame

They represent the entire Bay Area, but there’s “San Francisco” written on the paint. AP Obviously the new Chase Center is not going to be as loud as the roar in Oracle Arena the last time the Golden State Warriors were in the NBA Finals. Now that all of NBA media has noticed that … Read more

Ryan Fitzpatrick made a long career out of being average

And just like that, the Fitzmagic was gone.Image: Getty Images Long-time NFL quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick recently announced his retirement after 17 seasons in the league. Fitzpatrick became known more for his ability to obtain a new contract rather than his knack for tossing the old pigskin. Fitzmagic earned upwards of $82 million during his NFL … Read more

Patrick Mahomes wins over America on ‘The Match”

Patrick Mahomes empties The Trash all over course.Image: Getty Images Patrick Mahomes may have lost The Match (not in small part due to Josh Allen’s self-described “garbage can” play) but he won over American hearts yesterday for being a true Golfer Of The People. As he was trash-talking not only his opponents but also his … Read more

The Steelers’ lack of spending on offense is…worrisome

Have the Steelers already quit on the season?Image: Getty Images Heading into 2022, there are 14 teams whose biggest cap hit on offense in their quarterback. There are seven teams whose biggest cap hit on offense is an offensive lineman. Six teams are spending the most on a wide receiver. Three on a tight end … Read more

Tommy Pham says Mike Trout is a terrible fantasy commissioner

We found something Mike Trout (reportedly) isn’t good at!Image: Getty Images Mike Trout being the worst commissioner in sports is not the development I expected from 2022. On the field, the Los Angeles Angels star is finally achieving similar levels of individual and team success. The Angels are competing for the American League Wild Card, … Read more

Washington Commanders seek to build 55,000 seat stadium

Empty seats and enemy fans are the norm at Fedex Field.Image: Getty Images The Washington Commanders proposed stadium in Virginia was already a boondoggle. Even before the Virginia state legislature paused its vote on the Commanders’ contentious stadium subsididy deal, support was dwindling. The Commanders know a little something about losing support. The team ranked … Read more

Half of the coaches in the NBA are Black — The NFL doesn’t have an excuse anymore

Mike Tomlin and Lovie Smith met head coaches in 2014.Image: Getty Images With less than 100 days before the 2022 season kicks off and a week after the NFL hosted a “diversity summit” for Black coaches, the NBA has shown us just how useless those summits are when you operate a league where the best … Read more