Patrick Mahomes, Tony Pollard suffer lower body injuries

Image: AP When it comes to injuries, one of the ways in which the NBA and the NFL have similar dangers are ankle injuries. Harm to that area of ​​the body is why the San Francisco 49ers are currently starting the last pick in the 2022 NFL Draft at quarterback in the playoffs, and why … Read more

NFL touchdown celebrations are sad and empty now

The Seahawks delighted fans with their New Edition TD celebration in 2019.screenshot: Seahawks YouTube The NFL used to be a league full of expression and originality, and much of that was on display in the endzone during touchdown celebrations. We used to look forward to certain players scoring in anticipation of their signature dance or … Read more

Cowboys’ Hall of Fame WR Terrell Owens looking to aid team’s Super Bowl run with stunning comeback 

Terrell Owens, one of the NFL’s most talented receivers ever, is aiming at a surprise comeback with the Dallas Cowboys to help the team in their quest for another Super Bowl win. Owens, 49, wants to become the oldest NFL player ever and his agent has been in constant communication with the Cowboys and other … Read more

Seattle Seahawks prepare for a long season of disappointment

Get ready to see a lot of this kind of thing in Seattle this season.Image: Getty Images The 2022 NFL season is likely to be one of the worst in a long time for the Seattle Seahawks. They took a couple of steps backward after trading Russell Wilson to Denverthe last link to their championship … Read more

Skip Bayless trolls Bronny James over dunk

Skip Bayless is a toolphoto: Getty Images Here we go again, one more time, Skip Bayless getting under people’s skin. Some folks think he’s taking his “rivalry” with LeBron James a little too seriously. Bayless has resorted to trolling James’ oldest son Bronny. Yes, that’s right, Skip apparently has nothing better to do with his … Read more