Gunman detained after shooting at Russian draft office in Siberia

LONDON: A gunman was detained after opening fire at a military draft office in Russia’s Irkutsk region on Monday, the local governor said. The gunman, who in a video published on social media is seeing himself identifying himself to police officers as 25-year-old Ruslan Zinin, opened fire at a draft office in the Siberian town … Read more

Russian forces retreat as Ukraine takes key towns in northeast

KYIV: Ukrainian forces entered the key Russian military stronghold of izium on Saturday, continuing their rapid advance across the northeast and igniting a dramatic new phase in the war. “Izium was liberated today,” the city’s mayor, Valeriy Marchenko, said. While he was not yet in the city himself, he said that emergency services were working … Read more

Fresh shelling at Ukraine power plant as operator warns of radiation risk

KYIV: Ukraine and Russia traded fresh accusations of shelling at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power on Saturday, as its operator warned plant of a radioactive leak risk at the atomic facility. The Zaporizhzhia plant in southern Ukraine has been occupied by Russian troops since the opening of the invasion. Kyiv and Moscow have repeatedly swapped allegations … Read more

Russian attack kills 25 civilians on Ukraine’s Independence Day, Kyiv says

KYIV: A Russian attack killed 25 civilians when missiles struck a railway station and a residential area in eastern Ukraine, officials in the capital Kyiv said, as the nation marked its Independence Day under heavy shelling. The death toll rose from an initially reported 22 after three more bodies were retrieved from the rubble in … Read more

UN sounds alarm as shelling hits site of Europe’s largest nuclear plant in Ukraine

KYIV: Russia and Ukraine accused each other of new shelling near the zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant on Thursday ahead of a UNSC meeting to address concerns about the facility’s security. Both Moscow and Kyiv said there were five rocket strikes near a radioactive material storage area at the plant, Europe’s biggest nuclear facility which has … Read more

Ukraine: 15 dead in rocket attack on apartment building

KYIV: At least 15 people were killed when a Russian rocket hit an apartment building in the eastern Ukraine town of Chasiv Yar and more than 20 people may still be trapped in the rubble, officials said Sunday. The Saturday night rocket assault is the latest in a recent burst of high-casualty attacks on civilian … Read more