Tom Brady, Baker Mayfield, and the NFL’s biggest revenge games of 2022

Image: Getty Images This matchup might not feel animus on the surface, but all it takes is one key component having an issue, and there it is. Brady is that component after coach Shanahan and the 49ers decided to pass on his services following Tom’s exit from New England. Tom grew up in the bay … Read more

Deshaun Watson got off easy because the players remained silent

Deshaun Watson, NFLPA memberphoto: Getty Images Silence can be ear-splitting. And throughout this entire Deshaun Watson saga, the things that players didn’t say are what resonated the loudest. And since inaction is an action, the message about how men in the NFL really feel about women came through quite clearly — if you cared to … Read more

Deshaun Watson sentenced to three months of vacation, wrist-slap fine

Deshaun Watsonphoto: AP The NFL increased battled Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson’s suspension to 11 games, a $5 million fine, and mandatory counseling on Thursday, per multiple reports, setting his personal conduct case. The league didn’t wait on former New Jersey attorney general Peter Harvey’s decision on the appeal of the initial punishment. Watson was … Read more

Deshaun Watson to play in preseason opener despite common sense

Deshaun Watson, preseason starterImage: getty (Getty Images) The Cleveland Browns have relentlessly embarrassed their fanbase for going on nearly a quarter century. Most of the reason the Dawg Pound has been shrouded in masks made of paper bags and jerseys listing dozens of failed starting QBs as if they were KIA is the putrid on-field … Read more

NFL appeals Cleveland QB Deshaun Watson’s six-game suspension

The NFL is appealing Deshaun Watson’s six-game suspensionphoto: AP The NFL has filed an appeal of the six-game suspension handed down by Sue L. Robinson, the arbiter in the case of Deshaun Watson. Watson has been accused of sexually harassing and/or assaulting at least 24 women as they worked for him as massage therapists. In … Read more

How Deshaun Watson and the Cleveland Browns got away with it

Ugh.illustration: Getty Images The Cleveland Browns went all in and won. This wasn’t card counting in Las Vegas or some George Clooney-like scheme in one of those “Ocean’s 11” movies. It was a calculated strategy from the jump. Cleveland didn’t play the odds, they played the man. Because despite how it looked, they knew they … Read more

Cleveland Browns QB Deshaun Watson gets just six-game suspension

UghImage: Getty Images Six games, that’s it. Deshaun Watson was given just a sox-game suspension for violating the league’s personal conduct policy after accusations of sexual misconduct, disciplinary officer Sue L. Robinson ruled Monday, according to multiple reports. The Browns QB who signed a massive $230M fully guaranteed deal this offseason to play in Cleveland … Read more

Deshaun Watson may only be suspended for 2-8 games

Deshaun Watsonphoto: Getty Images The latest Deshaun Watson rumor, coming from Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio, is that Judge Sue L. Robinson is planning to hand down a suspension of between two and eight games for the new Browns quarterback under the league’s Personal Conduct Policy. This is a significant reduction from earlier reports that … Read more

Two of the 22 women who accused Deshaun Watson of sexual assault detail their experiences

Deshaun Watson is not worth this price.Image: Getty Images I’m exhausted trying to think of ways to drive home the severity of the allegations against Deshaun Watson. The depth of his indiscretions dele and sheer volume of his accusers is hard to put into words. It’s one of those things you need to visually see … Read more