Rihanna signs on for Super Bowl as NFL gets worse

“And now, for your halftime entertainment…”Image: Getty Images Let’s just get right to it. This Rihanna situation feels…uncomfortable. Words like “odd,” “unexpected,” and “wrong” could also be used to describe how most of us are feeling about her decision to perform during halftime at Super Bowl LVII. Just a few years ago, Rihanna was one … Read more

Nathaniel Hackett, Josh McDaniels helping Brian Flores’ case

Eesch!Image: Getty Images If Brian Flores, Duce Staley, Eric Bienemy and Byron Leftwich were all in a group chat, I’d pay good money to read the things they’d probably say about how horrific Denver Broncos head coach Nathaniel hackett and Las Vegas Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels have been this season. When the Pittsburgh Steelers … Read more

Seems as if Brian Flores’s lawsuit against the NFL has been forgotten

Brian Flores ended up with a coordinator gig instead of another HC jobphoto: Getty Images Thirty-two teams. Sixteen games. Three African-American head coaches. Those stats have been tattooed in the NFL’s Week 1 box score for months. Mike Tomlin, Lovie Smith, and Todd Bowles are the lone Black coaches in the NFL this season due … Read more