Luka Dončić is swole now

Luka Dončić (c.)photo: Getty Images One month after his Dallas Mavericks were eliminated by the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference Finals, Luka Dončić has not yet taken a day off. He is playing for the Slovenian national team, and he does not look like the same person who scored 28 points in that … Read more

Steph-mania has seeped into the WNBA

“Night night.”Image: Getty Images If it were not already apparent that Steph Curry is the popular kid who dictates whether 10th graders one- or two-strap their backpacks, fans needn’t look no further than the WNBA for proof. I debated if Sabrina Ionescu hitting a game-clinching 3 and striking the Steph “night night” pose against the … Read more

Warriors fan tries to kiss Steph Curry at championship parade

Personal space!screenshot: TheMisterMann/Twitter Things got a little wild during Tuesday’s Golden State warriors championship parade ceremony. Any team that wins a championship can bet on fans losing their minds alongside the athletes who won the title on the court. One young lady decided to seize her opportunity upon meeting Stephen Curry face to face and … Read more

“The tears of the 1985 Celtics when they lost to the Lakers in the Finals”

NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar gave some hilarious answers to the rapid-fire questions while he was a guest on “The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon.” Abdul-Jabbar was on the late-night show to promote his new charity, “The Skyhook Foundation.” Fallon and the six-time champion discussed a host of topics such as the 2022 NBA Finals, the … Read more

Davidson finally decides to honor Steph Curry

/Steph Curry finally made the Davidson Hall of Fame.Image: Getty Images Steph Curry is not your average, ordinary, everyday basketball player. What a hot take from me, right? Sizzling! I had to put my keyboard in an ice bath after typing out those words. He’s the greatest shooter of all time. He’s arguably a top-10 … Read more

The internet captured Klay Thompson’s championship parade for him

Klay Thompson made sure he enjoyed his championship parade.Image: Getty Images Klay Thompson earned the right to act as an over-served fiancée during a bachelor party, with friends helping him keep all his valuables on his person and clearing out so he can showcase a dance move that looked a lot better when he tried … Read more

Steve Kerr says Klay Thompson reached emotional boiling point during his comeback, says Klay was wondering if it’ll ever happen

After a long road to recovery, Klay Thompson was rewarded greatly for his hard work and patience. Seeing the sharpshooting guard celebrate winning another NBA championship was by far the most feel-good moment of the season. There is no describing what Klay Thompson went through to get back on an NBA court. Suffering Achilles tendon … Read more

2022 NBA All-Postseason Team

Image: Getty Images I’m sure this honor means nothing to MJ, but the best postseason performer in NBA history deserves something since the two people he wanted to beat most both now have trophies named after them. This is a person who averaged 33.4 points on 48.7/33.2/82.8 shooting splits in 179 postseason games, and was … Read more

Steph Curry and the rest of the NBA All-Finals Team

Jayson Tatum dunks against Andrew Wiggins in Game Six of the 2022 NBA Finals at TD Garden on June 16, 2022 in Boston, Massachusetts. Image: Getty Images Playing in the NBA Finals is an amazing feat, not just because of the excellence, but equally as much because of the endurance. The season begins in mid … Read more

Warriors’ Steph Curry is the black swan

Steph Curryphoto: Getty Images The black swan theory was an idea developed by former Stock trader Nassim Taleb in 2007. As explained by Taleb, the theoretical black swan can be summarized as an event or outlier outside the realm of realistic expectations that has an extreme impact on history and makes experts invent explanations, but … Read more