Could Kevin Durant wind up in Portland?

Kevin Durantphoto: Getty Images Kevin Durant is under contract for one more year with the Brooklyn Nets, but based on the bevy of reports and leaks on the extremely fluid Kyrie melodrama and its potential fallout, his employment is volatile. That uncertainty has spawned a multitude of options for Durant, but only the Portland Trailblazers … Read more

Steph-mania has seeped into the WNBA

“Night night.”Image: Getty Images If it were not already apparent that Steph Curry is the popular kid who dictates whether 10th graders one- or two-strap their backpacks, fans needn’t look no further than the WNBA for proof. I debated if Sabrina Ionescu hitting a game-clinching 3 and striking the Steph “night night” pose against the … Read more

Warriors fan tries to kiss Steph Curry at championship parade

Personal space!screenshot: TheMisterMann/Twitter Things got a little wild during Tuesday’s Golden State warriors championship parade ceremony. Any team that wins a championship can bet on fans losing their minds alongside the athletes who won the title on the court. One young lady decided to seize her opportunity upon meeting Stephen Curry face to face and … Read more

The internet captured Klay Thompson’s championship parade for him

Klay Thompson made sure he enjoyed his championship parade.Image: Getty Images Klay Thompson earned the right to act as an over-served fiancée during a bachelor party, with friends helping him keep all his valuables on his person and clearing out so he can showcase a dance move that looked a lot better when he tried … Read more

Warriors’ Steph Curry is the black swan

Steph Curryphoto: Getty Images The black swan theory was an idea developed by former Stock trader Nassim Taleb in 2007. As explained by Taleb, the theoretical black swan can be summarized as an event or outlier outside the realm of realistic expectations that has an extreme impact on history and makes experts invent explanations, but … Read more

Why the Warriors dominated Celtics in the Finals

Andrew Wiggins helped keep Jayson Tatum at bay.Image: Getty Images Sometimes it just feels good to be right. After proclaiming before the NBA Finals that started the Boston Celtics had zero chance against the Golden State Warriors, the Dubs beat the Celtics by double-digits in Game 6 to end the series 4-2. Many across the … Read more

No team makes you want to break a controller like Golden State

No stopping Curry.Image: Getty Images There is no team that embodies the feeling of wanting to shut off your Playstation and whip your controller at the wall more than the Warriors. They’re everyone’s favorite team on NBA 2K, who isn’t a Lebron acolyte of course, and it’s really hard trying to contain Steph Curry and … Read more

Golden State’s Draymond Green saved his best for last

Draymond Green was a force in Game 6.Image: Getty Images It was only a week ago or so that I… Last night provided an answer about why you’d bother. Steph Curry took home the Finals MVP, and rightly so. And yet in a clinching game on the road, perhaps the occasion in sports that requires … Read more

Steph Curry named NBA Finals MVP for first time

Steph Curry has rightfully taken his place among basketball’s pantheon.Image: Getty Images Steph Curry collected the Finals MVP last night that, the award that for some reason, some people think was required to validate him. The repeated ad shipseam by me and others, there are few players who changed the game completely, and Curry is … Read more

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst gets heat for calling Warriors’ Game 5 win a ‘checkbook game’

Brian Windhorstphoto: Getty Images Brian Windhorst saying anything that even a handful of people don’t like is going to bring out toxicity on social media. Pissing off one of the most annoying fan bases in sports makes it so toxic it’s nearly radioactive. So those of you who went where you know you shouldn’t have … Read more