Here’s where Buffalo Bills need to improve

What can’t the Bills do? Image: Getty Images The Buffalo Bills have been the plow, while their first and their first two 2022 opponents — the Los Angeles Rams and Tennessee Titans — have been the snow. Both were pushed up and down the field with great ease as the preseason super bowl favorites have … Read more

How good are these Buffalo Bills?

Bills QB Josh Allen pointing way for Buffalo.Image: Getty Images The Buffalo Bills are pretty damn good. Talk about the understatement of the year, right? Some have gone as far as to say they’re the best team in the NFL, hands down. The Kansas City Chiefs might have something to say about that, and will … Read more

The Buffalo Bills hype is there, but can they truly win it all?

Is this the year?Image: illustration (Getty Images) People, are we really ready to do this? As a football-watching public, we’re going to stand and shout for all to hear that there is going to be a Super Bowl parade that sets a record for snowfall and broken tables. The Buffalo Bills are the clear Super … Read more

A look at Week 1 NFL matchup between Bills, Rams

The NFL season starts with the Super Bowl favorites vs. the defending Super Bowl champsphoto: Getty Images Since 2004, it’s become a tradition for the defending Super Bowl champion to kick off the season at home. The only exceptions came in 2013, when the Baltimore Ravens had to play on the road due to a … Read more

Is Tyreek Hill the high tide who can lift Tua Tagovailoa’s boat?

Hill got Tua’s back?Image: Getty Images Mike McDaniel’s pod of Dolphins has already made splashes. In its preseason finale, Miami dropped 48 on the Philadelphia Eagles and Tua Tagovailoa completed 6-of-7 passes for 121 yards and led three scoring drives. The Dolphins leading the preseason in scoring is an auspicious start for the new coach. … Read more

Vikings Kirk Cousins, Justin Jefferson a Top 10 duo in the NFL

Is this a Top 10 QB/WR combo?photo: Getty Images Lists, lists, and more lists. The latest was formulated by former NFL running back and NFL Network analyst Maurice Jones-Drew. The former Jaguars running back ranks his top 10 QB/WR duos heading into the 2022 NFL season, and this one is getting plenty of reaction. At … Read more

Baltimore Ravens start 2022 with mainly inexperienced receivers

If you correctly ID’d Ravens’ wide receivers Rashod Bateman (r.), and James Proche II (l.), you’re probably from Baltimore. photo: AP The Baltimore Ravens released their first official depth chart for 2022 five days ago. It lists 12 wide receivers. Together, those twelve receivers have combined for 1,227 career receiving yards. Congratulations! That total would … Read more

Buccaneers give Tom Brady another weapon in Julio Jones

Don’t count Julio Jones out yet.Image: Getty Images Julio Jones is joining forces with Tom Brady. Three years ago, this would’ve sent the NFL world into a tizzy. Buses would be getting flipped in the streets. Falcons’ jerseys would’ve been burned in trash cans. It would’ve been chaos. Yet, in 2022, this signing is being … Read more

Wide receivers getting huge paydays in NFL

Cooper Kupp is part of the new breed of high-paid receivers.Image: Getty Images There are currently 12 wide receivers in the NFL with contracts that earn them an average annual value of $20 million or more. Nine of those contracts — Chris Godwin, DJ Moore, Cooper Kupp, Davante Adams, Tyreek Hill, Mike Williams, AJ Brown, … Read more

Cooper Kupp should cash out in a league that overpays for potential

It’s time for Cooper Kupp to get paid.Image: Getty Images It’s not about how much you’re worth, it’s about how much you can convince someone to pay you. But, you should always ask for more just for the hell of it. Rams star wide receiver Cooper Kupp says he’s not trying to bankrupt the franchise … Read more