Could Kevin Durant wind up in Portland?

Kevin Durantphoto: Getty Images Kevin Durant is under contract for one more year with the Brooklyn Nets, but based on the bevy of reports and leaks on the extremely fluid Kyrie melodrama and its potential fallout, his employment is volatile. That uncertainty has spawned a multitude of options for Durant, but only the Portland Trailblazers … Read more

Dodgers need to replace Craig Kimbrel as closer ASAP

Craig Kimbrelillustration: Getty Images LOS ANGELES — It’s time for Dave Roberts to make a call to the bullpen. The Dodgers need a new closer. Craig Kimbrel’s first 25 appearances in a Dodger uniform haven’t gone according to plan. The Dodgers, who decided not to re-sign longtime closer to Kenley Jansen in the offseason, traded … Read more

Where should Kyrie Irving land?

Image: shutterstock (Getty Images) Is there a current NBA player who invokes more disgust, loathing, and aversion than Kyrie Irving? The Brooklyn Nets guard is on his way to imploding his third team. First, he demanded out of Cleveland after tiring playing second fiddle to LeBron James. Then he aggressively bounced out of Boston, creating … Read more

Lightning’s Corey Perry is officially a curse

Corey Perryphoto: Getty Images We, the fans, almost never get one over on the villains in our various sports. Of course, they’re out there, we’re up here, so the natural dynamic of the whole relationship is that we’re losers. That’s understood. We get past that, but the bad guy in sports almost always wins. And … Read more

Colorado Avalanche win Stanley Cup

Nazem Kadri of the Colorado Avalanche lifts the Stanley Cup after defeating the Tampa Bay Lightning 2-1 in Game Six of the 2022 NHL Stanley Cup Final.Image: Getty Images The redemption narrative is the easy one. Everyone loves it, and it usually writes itself, which is why writers will flock to it at every opportunity … Read more

Aliyah: WWE’s Arab superstar fighting to make history | Sports News

Blazing your own trail is never easy. One person who knows this all too well is Canadian professional wrestler Aliyah. The 27-year-old of Iraqi and Syrian origin stands out as one of the few Middle Eastern talents in World Wrestling Entertainment, and earlier this year became the first Arab woman to contest the main event … Read more

Luka Dončić is swole now

Luka Dončić (c.)photo: Getty Images One month after his Dallas Mavericks were eliminated by the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference Finals, Luka Dončić has not yet taken a day off. He is playing for the Slovenian national team, and he does not look like the same person who scored 28 points in that … Read more

Alvin Kamara and Deshaun Watson cases will illustrate absurdity of NFL punishment

Alvin Kamaraphoto: Getty Images New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara could soon know his fate stemming from the fight he was involved in during Pro Bowl weekend in Las Vegas. Kamara is facing at least a six-game suspension and could also be on the wrong end of a civil suit brought on by the … Read more

Tina Charles hops from Mercury to Storm

Tina Charlesphoto: Getty Images Superteams are having a tough go of it in 2022. Tina Charles’ “contract divorce” with the Phoenix Mercury was the type of clean, drama-free breakaway from an underwhelming superteam Kyrie Irving could only dream of. Charles, 34, is at the tail end of her prime and reportedly upset with her role … Read more

Gareth Bale signs with LAFC

Gareth Balephoto: Getty Images The idea of ​​MLS as a retirement home has been a misnomer for a while. While the league might not pull in the biggest players in the world in their prime, it certainly isn’t waiting around until they can’t move anymore, for the most part (those watching Douglas Costa for the … Read more