Steph Curry speaks on load management, said not player’s choice

Image: Getty Images The gentrifiers of Brooklyn caught a raw deal on Monday night. The Los Angeles Lakers are in New York on a back-to-back, meaning that LeBron James and Anthony Davis were only going to play one game. People who purchased tickets for the Brooklyn Nets game received the short end of the load … Read more

Golden State GM Bob Myers really wants you to care about his contract

Nobody cares, Bob.Image: Getty Images There’s nothing more inside sports than talking shop about general managers and team presidents. Obviously, their job is vital to the success of the organization. It’s just, no one really needs to know more than that. Golden State Warriors GM Bob Myers has been leaking his contract negotiations to the … Read more

Is the sun setting on Golden State Warriors star Klay Thompson?

Will Klay get his shot back?Image🇧🇷 Getty Images The gulf between Steph Curry and Klay Thompson has never been wider. In their primes, Curry was the alpha, but Thompson was right behind him. In recent years, injuries have accelerated Thompson’s career clock and we may be seeing the effects reach critical mass. En route to … Read more

Some day, not now, Jabari Smith Jr. will know what it’s like to have a true point guard

Can anyone help this man?Image🇧🇷 Getty Images For as much tanking and general thirst that the top three picks of the 2022 NBA Draft garnered, they haven’t merited that attention quite yet. In Chet Holmgren’s case, it’s impossible because he’s out for the season. Paolo Banchero is going to win Rookie of the Year, and … Read more

Warriors’ Steph Curry is keeping Golden State upright, but their vaunted bench has lost its pulse

Steve Kerrphoto🇧🇷 AP Golden State’s 4-7 record has been jarring to witness. A five-game road losing streak during a road trip that rolled through Charlotte (3-8), Detroit (3-8), Miami (4-7), Orlando (2-9), and New Orleans (5-5) had the alarms blaring. Despite the final result, the Warriors 116-113 win over the Sacramento Kings on Monday night … Read more

Phoenix Suns defeat Golden State Warriors in tech-filled battle

There were seven technical fouls in the third quarterImage: Getty Images Tuesday night was Klay Thompson’s 651st regular-season game as a Golden State Warrior. When you add the 145 playoff games, Thompson’s been a part of 796 games in his career, and he’d never been ejected from one — until Tuesday night in Phoenix. The … Read more

Golden State Warriors drama didn’t start with Draymond Green punch

There’s always something going on with these Warriors.illustration: Getty Images The Golden State Warriors like to act like they’re a buttoned-up, professional franchise that abstains from drama. The chemistry and coaching have been likened to the Tim Duncan Spurs or the peak “Onto Cleveland” Patriots. While they’ve had consistent success and won championships like those … Read more