Alberto Del Rio on the hurdles stopping a WWE Hall of Fame induction 

The WWE Hall of Fame is a club for the creme-de-la-creme of sports entertainment. The league of the very best. And with his World Championships, Money in the Bank cash-in, and Royal Rumble victory, some may argue that Alberto Del Rio deserves the prestigious ring. That said, he is yet to win over the court … Read more

Dutch Mantell outlines a major advantage AEW roster has over WWE

WWE and AEW have recently been locked into a fierce battle for popularity. While the Stamford-based company still has the upper hand, Dutch Mantell pointed out that AEW’s roster is better than its competitors’ thanks to its booking strategy. Since starting All Elite Wrestling in 2019, Tony Khan has been cautious about booking his roster. … Read more

Alberto Del Rio suing popular promotion for not paying him (Exclusive)

Alberto Del Rio is not happy about a certain promotion. It’s a promotion he had to fill various roles in, and one would argue he put on the map. Speaking to Sportskeeda Wrestling, the multi-team WWE World Champion revealed he’s suing his former employer. Alberto Del Rio is a highly accomplished wrestler and has been … Read more

Gerald Brisco on Ric Flair returning to the ring

WWE legend Gerald Brisco recently expressed his concerns about Ric Flair’s return to the ring for one final match. Flair is making a comeback to the squared circle at the advanced age of 73. The legendary pro wrestler is scheduled to compete on July 31 in Nashville as part of Jim Crockett Promotions. Obviously, the … Read more

Veteran says WWE might have been afraid to give Paige a new role (Exclusive)

Paige recently announced that she’d soon be ending her long run with WWE. Unsurprisingly, her statement sent the internet into meltdown, which was one of the hot topics on this week’s Smack Talk. Dutch Mantell said that while WWE could’ve pushed Paige into another non-wrestling role, he felt that the officials might’ve been “afraid” about … Read more

Why there needs to be an official Kenny Omega Appreciation Society!

It’s not just wrestling fans who miss seeing Kenny Omega in the weekly AEW televised shows. My AEW contacts tell me that you can feel the lack of Kenny Omega’s energy and expertise backstage. That recently changed as Omega, who has been sidelined from ring action since November 2021, started showing up backstage at AEW … Read more

AEW star picks between CM punk and Bryan Danielson

Given how impactful CM Punk and Bryan Danielson have been in AEW since their debut, it is hard to choose between them. However, one particular All Elite star seems to have made up his mind on the topic. Both the legendary wrestlers debuted in Tony Khan’s promotion last year. Their entry led to an exponential … Read more

Vince Russo criticizes WWE for mismanaging RAW Superstar

Vince Russo believes WWE has wasted Robert Roode’s talent since he joined the company in 2016. Roode held the TNA World Heavyweight Championship for a record 256 days during Russo’s time as a TNA/IMPACT Wrestling writer. The 46-year-old currently performs on RAW in the Dirty Dawgs tag team with Dolph Ziggler. speaking to Sportskeeda Wrestling’s … Read more

Roman Reigns vs. Cody Rhodes – Biggest roadblock highlighted

Cody Rhodes vs. Roman Reigns is the biggest match WWE can put on. On the one hand, you have a returning hero who said his dream is to win the big prize to honor his father. On the other is a juggernaut plowing through every opponent in his path. Sportskeeda Senior Editor Bill Apter believes … Read more