How ocean shipping goes green, from wind power to liquid hydrogen

Airseas, the maritime unit of France’s Airbus, has developed a gigantic, automated kite called Seawing, which essentially tows a ship. Airseas The shipping industry accounts for nearly 3% of the world’s total greenhouse gas emissions, producing as much manmade carbon dioxide as all the coal-fired power plants in the U.S. combined. Still, it’s a relatively … Read more

Workers begin strike at UK’s largest shipping container port | Workers’ Rights News

The strike is the latest action by workers in an array of industries calling for higher pay amid sky-high inflation. Workers at the United Kingdom’s largest container port have begun what they say will be an eight-day strike, becoming the latest workers in the country to take action to demand higher pay amid rising inflation … Read more

How China’s Covid policies lead to hampered supply chains, higher inflation

At the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, China’s strict “zero-Covid” policies managed to keep Covid-19 at bay. More than two years later, the country’s ongoing controls are still weighing down its economy and stalling global supply chains. “Zero-Covid has become one of the select drivers of global recession,” Steve Morrison, senior vice president at the … Read more

First UN ship carrying Ukraine grain sets sail for Africa | Russia-Ukraine war News

The Brave Commander vessel is carrying food aid for Ethiopia as part of UN-led efforts to help countries at risk of famine. A United Nations-chartered ship loaded with 23,000 metric tonnes of Ukrainian grain set sail from a Black Sea port, marking the first departure of a World Food Program (WFP) initiative to assist countries … Read more

Four cargo ships sail from Ukraine: Turkish, Ukrainian officials | Russia-Ukraine war News

Four ships carrying foodstuffs sailed from Ukrainian Black Sea ports as part of a deal to unblock the country’s sea exports, Ukrainian and Turkish officials said. The four bulk carriers were loaded with almost 170,000 tonnes of corn and other foodstuffs, the Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority (USPA) said on Facebook on Sunday. The resumption of … Read more

Sixteen ships loaded with grain ready to leave Ukraine’s Odesa | Russia-Ukraine war News

Ships are loaded and ready to depart Odesa as Moscow and Kyiv trade blame for an attack that killed Ukrainian prisoners of war. Sixteen ships loaded with grain were set to depart from the Ukrainian port of Odesa, as tensions flair up again over a missile attack that killed dozens of Ukrainian prisoners of war. … Read more

Ships must slow down to save endangered whales, US gov’t says | Wildlife News

Vessels off the East Coast of the United States must slow down more often to help save a vanishing species of whale from extinction, the federal government has said. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) made the announcement on Friday via new proposed rules designed to prevent ships colliding with North Atlantic right whales. … Read more

Ukraine aims to ship grain this week, despite Russian attack | Russia-Ukraine war News

Ukraine has said it hopes a United Nations-brokered deal aimed at easing global food shortages by resuming grain exports from the Black Sea region would start to be implemented this week. Moscow brushed aside concerns that the deal could be derailed by a Russian missile strike on Ukraine’s port of Odesa on Saturday, saying it … Read more

$31 billion in trade is rail-landlocked or stuck off U.S. coasts

Aerial view of containers and cargo ships at the Port of Los Angeles on Jan. 19, 2022 in San Pedro, California. Qian Weizhong | Visual China Group | Getty Images Tens of billions of dollars in trade are either landlocked or anchored at sea in the United States and in Europe as congestion builds at … Read more

The battle over inflation-linked pay adding to European port contagion

The growing congestion at ports in Germany and the Netherlands, which could delay car and furniture shipments to the US for weeks, shows no signs of clearing up as the latest round of labor negotiations between the Central Association of German Seaport Companies (ZDS) and ver .di, the German labor union, ended with no agreement. … Read more