Australia Rejects Any ‘Foreign Interference’ in Election Amid Claims That China Backed Albanese Australia Rejects Any ‘Foreign Interference’ in Election Amid Claims That China Backed Albanese Australia Rejects Any ‘Foreign Interference’ in Election Amid Claims That China Backed Albanese The former Australian government, headed by Scott Morrison, accused China of interfering in the Australian election process. The previous government also… 26.07.2022, Sputnik International 2022-07-26T10:19+0000 2022-07-26T10:19+0000 2022-07-26T10:19+0000 Australia … Read more

Chinese premier congratulates Australian leader on election

CANBERRA: Chinese Premier Li Keqiang wrote to congratulate Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese on his election victory, which some Australian media reported on Tuesday was a thawing of bilateral relations that Beijing put into deep freeze more than two years ago. Chinese ministers had refused to return phone calls of their Australian counterparts under former … Read more

albanese: Albanese sworn in as PM in Australia ahead of Tokyo summit

CANBERRA: Australia’s new prime minister was sworn in Monday ahead of a Tokyo summit with President Joe Biden while vote counting continued to determine whether he will control a majority in a Parliament that is demanding tougher action on climate change. Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s center-left Labor Party ousted predecessor Scott Morrison’s conservative coalition at … Read more

Anthony Albanese elected Australia’s leader in complex poll result

SYDNEY: Australians awoke on Sunday to a new prime minister in Anthony Albanese, the center-left Labor Party leader whose ascension to the nation’s top job from being raised in social housing by a single mother on a disability pension was said to reflect the changed fabric of the country today. The 59-year-old career politician, who … Read more

Scott Morrison May Not Win Majority In Australia’s Elections: Report

Australia Elections: Australia’s ruling government will not win enough seats, report said. Sydney: Early results in Australia’s bitterly fought election conservative Prime Minister Scott Morrison facing an almighty struggle to remain in power, as voters offered a stinging rebuke of his party’s inaction on climate change. With almost half the votes counted, Anthony Albanese’s centre-left … Read more

Polls Open In Australian Election As Scott Morrison Hopes For 2nd Term

Australia Elections: More than seven million people have already cast early or postal ballots. Canberra: Polls opened in Australia’s federal election Saturday, with Prime Minister Scott Morrison fighting for another three-year term that would extend the decade of conservative rule. Long queues formed in several, as Morrison stations — behind in pre-election polls — of … Read more

Curry-Gate And Other Australian Election Moments To Remember

The curry cooked by Australian PM Scott Morrison Sydney: Beyond the serious issues of rising living costs, an overheating planet and corruption, here are a few of the more surprising developments that Australia’s May 21 election campaign has thrown our way: chicken curry gate The chicken curry scandal was hatched when Prime Minister Scott Morrison, … Read more

Scott Morrison Vows To Be More Empathetic If Re-Elected As Australian PM

What matters most as PM is “get the job done”, Australia PM Scott Morrison said. (Filet) Sydney: Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison today promised to be more empathetic if he wins re-election, as his government continues to trail the opposition Labor Party a week before the general election. Australians go to the voting booths on … Read more

Early voting begins ahead of Australia’s May 21 election

CANBERRA: Early voting began on Monday in Australia’s federal election with the opposition party hoping the first ballots will reflect its lead over the government in opinion polls. Voters began casting their ballots at 550 voting stations around the country as two new opinion polls showed the centre-left Labor Party opposition had extended its lead … Read more

Australian politics live: Labor promises NDIS overhaul, Morrison campaigns on mining and energy | Australia news

Well, now that the Easter long weekend is over, the campaigning is about to get under way today, with the gloves all the way off. Scott Morrison is still in Western Australia where he will promise $250m for mining jobs. It’s all about “clean” “hydrogen hubs” and rare earth minerals (like lithium for batteries) but … Read more