Has there ever been a more unpredictable division than the 2022 AFC West?

Will the Broncos with Russ at QB ride to an AFC West title?photo: Getty Images Throughout this series we’ve been doing this week, we always try to start every preview with a logical outcome. What is expected from the division? How are experts and analysts predicting this division to play out come season’s end? Who’s … Read more

Steelers Diontae Johnson worth more than a $36.71 extension

Diontae Johnson’s new contract extension doesn’t do his production justice.photo: AP The last of the star wideouts holding out (or in) during contract negotiations, Diontae Johnson finally came to an agreeable contract with the Pittsburgh Steelers. For Johnson to hold out longer than the likes of Deebo Samuel and DK Metcalf, it must have been … Read more

The Kansas City Chiefs need Travis Kelce to produce the way no 33-year-old tight end ever has

Travis Kelce’s production is the key to Kansas City’s season.Image: Getty Images Before I start, Travis Kelce should still be the first tight end off the board in this year’s fantasy football draft. He’s going to get an increased workload with Tyreek Hill in Miami, and Patrick Mahomes will lean on him early like you … Read more

The Steelers’ lack of spending on offense is…worrisome

Have the Steelers already quit on the season?Image: Getty Images Heading into 2022, there are 14 teams whose biggest cap hit on offense in their quarterback. There are seven teams whose biggest cap hit on offense is an offensive lineman. Six teams are spending the most on a wide receiver. Three on a tight end … Read more

Chiefs, Bills offseason moves portend a third playoff meeting

Stefon Diggs and the Bills could be matching up with the Chiefs many times.Image: Getty Images The hard-cap struggles of the NFL. How to improve, but yet stay financially flexible. It’s a dance every team does every offseason, but it’s especially important for those with generational quarterbacks. Sure the Los Angeles Rams defeated the Cincinnati … Read more

Kansas City Chiefs still have a shot a being a dynasty

There’s hope yet for Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes.photo: Getty Images Championship windows are an interesting concept, in theory. However, they assume too much. One one hand, it’s impossible to project how rosters will look from year-to-year. Half the league’s championship prospects are a one-window apartment facing an alley. Teams like the Chiefs, Packers, and … Read more

JuJu Smith-Schuster won’t be dancing with Jackson Mahomes

Jackson Mahomes (left) won’t get to have his collaboration with JuJu Smith-Schuster.illustration: Getty/Instagram JuJu Smith-Schuster and Jackson Mahomes was a collaboration on one wanted but was seemingly forced upon us when Smith-Schuster signed a one-year deal with the Kansas City Chiefs. Fans braced themselves for the inevitable onslaught of TikToks featuring the pair shimmying on … Read more