Republicans Are Only Getting Sneakier With Their Antiabortion Proposals

Kansans may have resoundingly rejected an antiabortion referendum last year, by a striking double-digit margin, to ensure reproductive rights remain enshrined in the state constitution, but that wasn’t deterrence enough for the state’s Republican legislators. Nor was, apparently, the Republican Party’s relatively poor performance this past midterm cycle—one largely defined by the fall of Roe … Read more

It’s More Dangerous to Be Pregnant in Post-Roe America

I remember the first time I heard the maxim “abortion is health care.” I thought it was promising, in terms of messaging, but ultimately a bit hyperbolic. That was before last June, when the Trumpified Supreme Court overturned Roe v. wade, the landmark 1973 decision in which abortion was enshrined into law. The fallout from … Read more

“There’ll Be Political Complications”: GOP Congresswoman Warns Her Party Against a Staunch Antiabortion Agenda

“I think many, many in our ranks right now are ignoring the results of the midterms,” Republican congressperson Nancy Mace said in an interview Thursday afternoon with vanity fair. The House had just finished passing two antiabortion measures—one of Republicans’ first acts since assuming the majority this year. Mace, a two-term South Carolina congresswoman, characterized … Read more

Kamala Harris, a Very Turbulent Year in America, and the Challenge of Being First

When Vice President Kamala Harris learned the Supreme Court had reversed roe, eliminating a constitutional right to an abortion and a half century of precedent, she quickly called her husband. “I was like, they bleep did it,” she recalled in an interview this week in her ceremonial office in the Eisenhower Executive building. “I was … Read more

Abortion Advocates Just Flipped the Script on Mike Pence’s Anti-LGBTQ+ Legacy in Indiana

Mike Pence doesn’t mince words about the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. “I’m pro-life. I don’t apologize for it,” the former vice president told David Axelrod in a recent interview. “It’s a deeply held conviction for me and for my family,” he said, citing religious beliefs. But in a twist of irony, … Read more

Republicans Lost Big on Abortion Ballot Measures. Now They’re Trying to Change the Rules

Republicans, perhaps coming to terms with the unpopularity of their antiabortion agenda, seem to be grasping for a new playbook. Republicans in Ohio want to make it harder to amend the state constitution via the ballot initiative, which abortion advocates say is a blatant attempt to block voter-driven efforts to enshrine reproductive protections in state … Read more

Republicans Appear to be Catching On That Their Antiabortion Agenda Is Unpopular

Despite having access to public polling for months that showed the majority of Americans did not support the fall of Roe v. Wade, the Republican Party finally appears to be catching on. All it took was Democrats maintaining control of the Senate, winning a string of key governor contests, and staving off a major rout … Read more

“This Is the Beginning of a Very Long Arc”: The Midterms Prove Abortion Can Galvanize Voters

For weeks, pundits and prognosticators questioned whether the fall of Roe v. wade would actually be a key voting motivator this election cycle. democratic consultant James Carville‘s famed 1992 adage, “It’s the economy, stupid,” rang loud as the narrative grew that gas prices and inflation would overshadow the importance of protecting women’s reproductive rights. Then … Read more

Nebraska Has Been an Unlikely Safe Haven for Abortion Rights—That Could All Change in the Midterms

Since the fall of Roe v. Wade, Nebraska, with its Republican governor and state legislature—a state that gave Donald Trump at 19% victory over Joe Biden—has emerged as an unlikely haven for abortion access. Despite the backing of Governor Pete Ricketts, who supports a total abortion ban without exceptions for even rape and incest, Republicans … Read more

Planned Parenthood is Opening a New Clinic — In the First State to Ban Abortion After Roe Fell

Cori Bush was roughly 100 miles southwest of her St. Louis congressional district in the city of Rolla, campaigning not for her own re-election, which is all but guaranteed, but for abortion rights. “They partied because this state was the first,” she said to a crowd of supporters and abortion rights activists under a picnic … Read more