Why Jamie Dimon apologized to Elizabeth Warren

new York CNN Business — JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon testified on Capitol Hill Thursday for the second straight day. This time, he faced his longtime critic Sen. Elizabeth Warren. Warren began her line of questioning by asking how many instances of fraud had been reported to his bank from customers using Zelle, a popular … Read more

Layoffs. Losses. Plunging share price. These pandemic winners are now struggling

new York CNN Business — Few companies flourished more amid the pandemic’s economic upheaval than Peloton. With people unable (or unwilling) to go to the gym, consumers hit to buy its exercise equipment and, more importantly, sign up for its online classes. Peloton posted its first quarterly profits in calendar year 2020 as revenue jumped … Read more

US troops in Germany banned from alcohol after scooter incidents

CNN — A US Army brigade in Germany has been confined to its base during evenings and temporarily banned from consuming alcohol, a spokesman for the Army said Thursday, after five troops were charged with driving scooters under the influence in Nuremberg over the July 4 holiday weekend. All five soldiers were together on the … Read more

A history of Trader Joe’s and Joe Coulombe, the man behind the brand

new York CNN Business — Turns out Trader Joe was a real guy, and his shrewd instincts led him to create a counter-culture grocery empire. Joe Coulombe, a struggling convenience store owner in Los Angeles, decided in 1967 to open a grocery chain to appeal to the small but growing number of well-educated, well-traveled consumers … Read more