Who Is Mario Carbone? Meet Every Celebrity’s Favorite Chef

“I name a lot of different restaurants, and for whatever reason, they just latched on to Carbone, it’s become synonymous with the account,” one of the founders of @deuxmoi tells me on a phone call. “Does anyone eat anywhere else? I get so excited when someone sends me a picture of their burger or something … Read more

Former Beauty Queen, Allegedly Involved In Theft of Wine Worth $1.5 Million, Arrested

The wince theft took place at one of Spains most esteemed hotel-restaurants. (Representative Photo) A former beauty queen from Mexico has been arrested over her involvement into a heist at a Spanish restaurant in which millions of dollars’ worth of wine was stolen. According to a report in The Telegraph, the woman has been identified … Read more

The Bear on Hulu Mauls the Wild Male Genius Chef Myth

Carmen “Carmy” Berzatto ricochets around his ramshackle Chicago restaurant like a man burning from the inside. From the moment he first appears in the new Hulu/FX series The Bear, we recognize the type: brooding bad boy chef with tousled hair and armful of tattoos. Every restaurant-dense city in America probably has its share, presiding over … Read more