Browns fans put together lewd tailgate before game vs. Jets

Someone spent time and money to make this. photo: twitter It’s not like women who watch the NFL didn’t know this was coming. After all, we’ve been down the road too many times, seen too many fans defiantly wearing Ray Rice or Ben Roethlisberger jerseys. We’ve, against our better judgment, delved into the comments surrounding … Read more

Deshaun Watson to play in preseason opener despite common sense

Deshaun Watson, preseason starterImage: getty (Getty Images) The Cleveland Browns have relentlessly embarrassed their fanbase for going on nearly a quarter century. Most of the reason the Dawg Pound has been shrouded in masks made of paper bags and jerseys listing dozens of failed starting QBs as if they were KIA is the putrid on-field … Read more

NFL appeals Cleveland QB Deshaun Watson’s six-game suspension

The NFL is appealing Deshaun Watson’s six-game suspensionphoto: AP The NFL has filed an appeal of the six-game suspension handed down by Sue L. Robinson, the arbiter in the case of Deshaun Watson. Watson has been accused of sexually harassing and/or assaulting at least 24 women as they worked for him as massage therapists. In … Read more

How Deshaun Watson and the Cleveland Browns got away with it

Ugh.illustration: Getty Images The Cleveland Browns went all in and won. This wasn’t card counting in Las Vegas or some George Clooney-like scheme in one of those “Ocean’s 11” movies. It was a calculated strategy from the jump. Cleveland didn’t play the odds, they played the man. Because despite how it looked, they knew they … Read more

Why was Sue Robinson involved in Deshaun Watson’s case, anyway?

Former Judge Sue L. Robinson and Deshaun Watson… partners in crime.illustration: (Getty Images) “During her tenure on the bench, Judge Robinson presided over an extraordinary number of complex cases, primarily involving patent disputes (including the billion dollar stent litigation), but also including numerous trademark infringement and antitrust disputes.” That’s how NFL disciplinary officer and … Read more

MLB, please don’t reinstate Trevor Bauer

Commissioner Rob Manfred needs to make sure Trevor Bauer isn’t back on the mound anytime soon.Image: Getty Images Trevor Bauer is going to be reinstated by Major League Baseball at some point. We might as well accept it from the outset. We don’t know when the reinstatement will come. Earlier this week, MLB extended Bauer’s … Read more