Blazers go all in, acquire Jerami Grant

Jerami Grantphoto: Getty Images What the hell is going on? Typically this early on before the draft, the trades are evenly balanced. First, the Thunder trades the 30th pick in this year’s draft plus two future second-round picks for JaMychal Green and what will end up being a top-five protected pick after the protections become … Read more

In NBA Finals, Celtics have no shot vs. Warriors

The Celtics are back in the NBA Finals, but they can’t beat Golden State.Image: Getty Images The Boston Celtics have made it through the playoffs, eliminating each team that’s ousted them in the last three postseasons. After a seven-game slugfest with the Miami Heat, the C’s are in Eastern Conference finals for the first time … Read more

Get rid of position quotas from All-NBA teams already

The current All-NBA Team format has got to go.Image: Getty Images If there was ever a reason to finally do away with the positional rankings for All-NBA teams, it’s Joel Embiid’s flagrant omission from First-Team All-NBA honors. The powers that be thought it appropriate to put the direct runner-up to MVP on the Second Team … Read more

Memphis Grizzlies’ Ja Morant can be even greater

Ja Morant announced his presence with authority this postseason.Image: Getty Images There are one or two players who make the leap toward legitimate superstar status every playoffs. This year it was Jason Tatum and Ja Morant. To those who have been watching, Luka Dončić was finally given the opportunity to show what he could do … Read more

The Golden State Warriors’ wild ride

Are the Warriors the good guys again?Image: Getty Images It feels like yesterday that everyone hated the Golden State Warriors, save for those living in Oakland. It was one of the few things NBA fans agreed on in unison. When the Warriors signed Kevin Durant in 2016, he temporarily broke the NBA. The Warriors had … Read more

Pelicans’ David Griffin is Executive of the Year

Pelicans’ VP of Basketball Operations David Griffin.Image: Getty Images Before Feb. 8, New Orleans Pelicans executive Vice President of Bcookball Operations David Griffin was getting dragged for the team’s sorry state he oversaw. The Pelicans were 21 and 32, headed toward another disastrous season until that point. At the same time, Zion Williamson avoided the … Read more