NFL News Roundup: Arch Manning chooses Texas, DeAndre Hopkins to fight suspension and more

Not a day goes by in the NFL where news isn’t floating around. Somewhere, something is always happening. Teams are currently gearing up for training camp as they look to get into the swing of things before the regular season commences. Players are fighting for jobs, while others are looking to get into the best … Read more

The Steelers’ lack of spending on offense is…worrisome

Have the Steelers already quit on the season?Image: Getty Images Heading into 2022, there are 14 teams whose biggest cap hit on offense in their quarterback. There are seven teams whose biggest cap hit on offense is an offensive lineman. Six teams are spending the most on a wide receiver. Three on a tight end … Read more

Why the Baltimore Ravens should be the team to look out for in 2022

Lamar Jackson and the Ravens will be back on top in 2022.Image: Getty Images The Baltimore Ravens were ravaged with injuries in 2021. So much so that PFF’s WAR-Adjusted Injuries Lost (WAIL) statistic indicates that the Ravens lost about 2.86 wins last season. That would’ve put the team in the playoffs with either a 10-7 … Read more

Rob Gronkowski drops hint on return 

The 2022 NFL offseason now enters into life after the draft. With teams now having replicated their rosters with rookie talent, a clearer picture emerges about each squad’s strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities ahead of next season. With a number of free agents still up for grabs, Tom Brady seems to have brought back a different … Read more

Dwayne Haskins’ last social media post showed Steelers player in cheerful mood with Najee Harris

The NFL community is still reeling from the news of Dwayne Haskins’ passing. The 24-year-old was tragically killed on Saturday morning when he was hit by a dump truck as he was walking on a South Florida Highway. As expected, the outpouring of emotion and support for his family has been nothing short of incredible. … Read more

Joe Exotic asked Ben Roethlisberger for an autograph from prison

Joe Exotic of “Tiger King” wrote Ben Roethlisberger a letter.Image: AP I forgot Joe Exotic existed. The Tiger King was the king of Netflix for a few months in 2020, and his fame vanished almost immediately afterward. Even Tiger King Season 2 wasn’t enough to bring Joseph “Exotic” Maldonado-Passage back into the forefront of American … Read more

NFL fans upset with Adam Schefter about Haskins tweet

Dwayne Haskins tragically died after he was hit by a car, by his agent, Cedric Saunders. He was just 24 years old. The quarterback was training in South Florida with other Pittsburgh Steelers quarterbacks, running backs, and wide receivers. However, NFL fans were upset when ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter posted a tweet that was … Read more

Dwayne Haskins dies in car accident

Dwayne Haskins would have turned 25 on May 3.Image: Getty Images Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Dwayne Haskins died Saturday morning in South Florida after being hit by a car, shy of turning 25. The former Ohio State star was drafted No. 15 overall by the Washington Commanders in the 2019 NFL Draft before his current role … Read more

Why didn’t MIke Tomlin give Colin Kaepernick a job as he did Brian Flores?

Mike Tomlin hired Brian Flores after his lawsuit against the NFL dropped.Image: Getty Images One question for Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin. Where were you when Colin Kaepernick was in trouble with the NFL and needed a brother to help out? The answer is nowhere to be found. But now, four years later, Tomlin has … Read more

The NFL’s fake ‘investment’ in diversity

We got a reminder that no one is better than the NFL at making grand gestures.illustration: Getty Images The people that thought Brian Flores was lying have gone predictably silent. A month after the former Miami Dolphins head coach, and current Pittsburgh Steelers defensive assistant, filed a 58-page class-action lawsuit against the NFL, New York … Read more