Returning to the office? Ways to beat rising costs

According to a new survey by Cisco, 75% of respondents said they save money on food and entertainment through hybrid work schedules. D3sign | Moment | Getty Images Hybrid work arrangements are popular these days for many reasons — and one of them is that they can save workers thousands each year. A new survey … Read more

Recession is ‘likely,’ former SEC chief economist says

Larry Harris Source: Larry Harris To tame the recent inflationary spike, the Federal Reserve signaled it will continue to raise interest rates. When rates are high, consumers get a better return on the money they stash in a bank account and must shell out more to get a loan, which can trigger them to borrow … Read more

25-year-old went from $40K to $115K in 3 years—her negotiation trick

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How this 29-year-old turned his side hustle into a $1.5 million business

In 2014, I was fresh out of college and thought I had my life all planned out: Go to medical school, get a six-figure job as a doctor, and make my parents proud. None of that worked out. I realized I hated blood and needles, and got rejected from more than 15 medical schools. My … Read more

Worried about a recession? Here’s how to prepare your portfolio

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This 29-year-old left the U.S. for Budapest. Now he makes $120,000 — and pays $800 a month for rent

In 2014, I had a life-changing wake-up call: I survived an opioid overdose that put me in the intensive care unit. Hitting rock bottom made me realize how lucky I am to be alive. I spent some time in my hometown, Memphis, to focus on my recovery and staying sober. Once I felt stable, I … Read more

Klarna to report buy now, pay later data to UK credit bureaus

“Buy now, pay later” giant Klarna says it will start reporting data on customers’ usage of its products to credit bureaus in the UK, gearing up for incoming regulations aimed at reining in the sector over fears it is putting young people into debt. Starting June 1, the Swedish fintech firm will share information on … Read more

As office hours return, how to buy new work clothes on a budget

Alxeypnferov | Istock | Getty Images As more people head back to the office, they may not be able to rely anymore on their work wardrobe from more than two years ago. Their tastes or size may have changed during the pandemic, or their company might have amended expectations around professional attire. Restocking your closet … Read more

78% of workers are ignoring ‘the greatest money-making asset’ for retirement saving, says CPA

Saving for a secure retirement requires a number of money-smart strategies coming together, and in the eyes of workers, some factors seem more integral to success than others. Topping the list in a recent survey from the Principal Financial Group: getting a matching contribution from your employer in your 401(k) plan. Nearly two-thirds — 62% … Read more

How ‘cash stuffing’ is helping TikTok creators beat inflation, pay debt

As news of soaring gas prices splashed across headlines, Yasmine Camilla saw her energy bill double “almost overnight.” Filling up the tank now costs 30% to 40% more, she says. But this rising cost of living is something she would never have noticed eight months ago. “I had always just filled up my car when … Read more