The death of the NBA superteam (for now)

The Warriors, built over time.Image: Getty Images The Boston Celtics and Golden State Warriors Finals was one of the most engaging championship fights of recent memory. The Celtics were on a Cinderella tear on their way to facing a retooled, post-Kevin Durant Warriors. Both teams had organically built the backbone of their roster through adept … Read more

The plan in is place and the pieces are set — now the Pelicans just have to execute

Pelicans President of Basketball Operations David Griffin (l.) and GM Trajan Langdonphoto: Getty Images The New Orleans Pelicans blueprint was on display in the 2022 NBA Finals. The Boston Celtics may have finished two wins from completing the dream of winning their 18th title but their future serves at what the Pelicans have brewing. Eight … Read more

Timberwolves win a lot of championships, just not for Minnesota

Andrew Wigginsphoto: Getty Images Since the Minneapolis Lakers won half of the league’s first 10 NBA titles and then shuffled off to Los Angeles where they won13 more, Minnesota has been an incubator for NBA championship parades–in other cities. After the Lakers’ relocated to LA, the NBA did not return to Minnesota until 1989. The … Read more

Ime Udoka is leading the NBA’s coaching reformation

Ime Udoka has the Celtics through to the Easter Conference Finals.Image: Getty Images If the success of Boston’s Ime Udoka and New Orleans’ Willie Green has taught NBA ownership anything, when it comes to hiring coaches, it should be out with the old, in with the new. These two rising coaching stars stepped into dysfunctional … Read more

Boston Celtics sweep Brooklyn Nets out the door

Kevin Durant’s season ended way too early for anyone to be happy in Brooklyn.Image: Getty Images And thus ends yet another attempt by the Brooklyn Nets to skip the line and crash into the NBA penthouse. Actually, “another Nets experiment” sounds a little more apt. Because the Nets, the Brooklyn version, have always felt like … Read more

Is Karl-Anthony Towns still ‘the man’ in Minnesota?

KATphoto: Getty Images After three pitiful playoff games, on Saturday Karl-Anthony Towns put together the best game of his brief playoff career, finishing with 33 points and 14 rebounds on 47 percent shooting. And wouldn’t you know it, the Timberwolves won the game, tying the series at 2-2. Much has been written about his Towns’ … Read more

“I don’t know, but I know he got in they a**”

Bill Self and the Kansas Jayhawks made a historic comeback victory in the national championship game on Monday night. Kansas, which trailed by 16 points near the end of the first half, had a 15-point halftime deficit. But the Jayhawks outscored the North Carolina Tar Heels 31-10 in the first 10 minutes of the second … Read more

Kevin Durant calls Dirk Nowitzki the best-shooting big man of all time

Kevin Durantphoto: Getty Images I’m not surprised that Kevin Durant has a great deal of respect for Dirk Nowitzki’s game. Prior to Dirk becoming one of the best players in the league, all the basketball players who were bigger than most of the other basketball players were scoffed at for not playing with their back … Read more