How Evil Pulled Off Its Gorgeous, Weird Silent Episode

if evil is weird TV, “S Is for Silence” marks a true peak of weirdness. The standout episode from the second season of the acclaimed series, created by Emmy nominees Robert King and Michelle King (The Good Wife), is almost entirely silent, set at a monastery where there’s no electricity and talking is not allowed. … Read more

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Standout Jess Bush Is a Bit of a Mad Scientist

on paper, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds sounds like a studio note-driven nightmare. It is a spinoff to a prequel, featuring a mix of new characters plus actors like Ethan Peck and Celia Rose Gooding doing the impossible: recreating the iconic roles of Spock and Lt. Uhura. But the Paramount+ series, now over halfway through … Read more

How Survivor Is Staying Alive, 42 Seasons In

If you’ve liked anything or everything about Survivor‘s post-pandemic pivot, you can thank Mike White. Forced to take a year off from filming, host and showrunner Jeff Probst remembers being in his garage in the early days of quarantine, armed with a plan to reinvent the game that’s helped define American television for two decades. … Read more

5 Wild Robert Evans Stories You Should Devour After The Offer

Robert Evans was known to self-mythologize—but then again, who could be surprised that the movie mogul behind towering classics like The Godfather, Chinatown, and Harold and Maude liked to use the little creative license? Embellishments or not, Evans was a larger-than-life figure who became one of the youngest studio heads in Hollywood history and backed … Read more