If you want to drink or get laid at the World Cup, this is not your year

Don’t even think about having a good time, creep.photo: Getty Images Qatar has gone the way of Catholic parents before prom, enacting a ban on sex for the biggest party the city has ever thrown in the 2022 World Cup. If the lethal heat, deadlier working conditions, strict rules concerning alcohol, and summer-ruining schedule change … Read more

NCAA’s NIL guidelines show up 10 months too late

The NCAA, belatedly, attempts to rein in NIL spending.Image: Getty Images The end is near. You can feel it in the air. Mark Emmert is gone, the board is shrinking, the indiscriminate and omnipresent power the organization once held over schools, coaches, and athletes is disappearing. The words “NCAA investigation” no longer spark fear in … Read more

How Olympic flag football is supposed to help the NFL grow

If you put it in the Olympics, people will come. Or something.Image: Getty Images The NFL has been trying to expand its appeal overseas for decades. They’ve had several games hosted in London. They’re set to have a game in Germany next season. A few years ago, they even partnered with Pro Football Focus, a … Read more