Biden’s bluster: Strategy, vanity or gamble | Joe Biden

What’s up with Joe? He’s all bluster and bravado nowadays even though, as a good Catholic, he knows that vainglory is the worst of the seven sins! Only months after his humiliating withdrawal from Afghanistan, President Biden is raising the stakes against both world nuclear powers, China and Russia, while boasting of America’s unmatched military … Read more

Uvalde school massacre: The American nightmare | Gun Violence

In his official remarks on the May 24 elementary school massacre in Uvalde, Texas – during which 18-year-old gunman Salvador Ramos killed 19 children and two adults – United States President Joe Biden demanded: “When in God’s name are we going to stand up to the gun lobby?” Affirming that “to lose a child is … Read more

There is a sickness in America | Gun Violence

Like the country he leads, Joe Biden looked and sounded exhausted. The United States president was obliged, yet again, to “address” the nation in the blunt-force-trauma-like aftermath of the murder of schoolchildren in a small Texas town – Uvalde – that few had heard of, but that now joins the gruesome roster of other towns … Read more

Is Putin achieving his goals in Ukraine? | Russia-Ukraine war

The last of the Ukrainian defenders in the port city of Mariupol surrendered at the Azovstal plant on Friday. The fact that at least half of them belong to the Azov regiment, created by far-right militants in 2014, offers the Kremlin a chance to claim major progress with regards to one of the officially declared … Read more

Treat all refugees with the same compassion | Refugees

People across Europe welcomed Ukrainians fleeing the war in their homes with open arms. Why was the same compassion not afforded to me when I was a refugee, asks writer and activist Nhial Deng. Video Duration 02 minutes 06 seconds 02:06‘Treat all refugees with the same compassion’ #AJOPINION In 2010, I had to flee Ethiopia … Read more

Shireen Abu Akleh’s killing: Lies, investigations and videotape | Israel-Palestine conflict

Israel has lied from the instant that Shireen Abu Akleh was assassinated 11 days ago. How do we know? Israel’s story about what happened on the murderous morning of May 11 in Jenin and what it was going to do about it has changed more often than a baby’s diaper. Palestine’s story has remained the … Read more

George W Bush is not funny | Opinions

Everyone has by now heard about the latest gaffe by former United States president and unconvicted war criminal George W Bush, father of the 2003 US invasion of Iraq and other fantastically bloody escapades. In a recent speech at his very own George W Bush Presidential Center in Dallas, Texas, Bush condemned the “absence of … Read more

Why is the Brazilian left supporting Putin’s Russia? | Opinions

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine led to an unexpected convergence in the political arena. Indeed, all over the world left-wing parties, activists and even prominent leftist politicians are joining the far right in voicing their support for – or at least excusing – the Kremlin’s brutal, imperialist aggression against a much smaller sovereign nation. This strange … Read more

Rajapaksa not only needs to go, he needs to face accountability | Protests

Protesters want a new Sri Lanka, not just a reshuffling of the stale old cards. Last week, the new prime minister of Sri Lanka was sworn in. Ranil Wickremesinghe, from the minority opposition United National Party, has held the post several times in his four-decade-long political career. Amid widespread protests resulting from the island’s gravet … Read more