World’s largest hybrid ship to ferry passengers between UK, France

An artist’s impression of the Saint-Malo at sea. According to Brittany Ferries it will have a battery capacity of 11.5 megawatt hours. Brittany Ferries A ship set to carry passengers between the UK and France in the next few years will be the largest hybrid-vessel ever built, according to operator Brittany Ferries. In a statement … Read more

Huge offshore wind farm to use recyclable turbine blades

A wind turbine at the Ormonde Offshore Wind Farm, in the Irish Sea. With governments around the world attempting to ramp up their renewable energy capacity, the number of wind turbines worldwide only looks set to grow, which will in turn increase pressure on the sector to find sustainable solutions to the disposal of blades. … Read more

Climate change will force some UK communities to move, official says

Houses on the east coast of England, photographed in 2020. On Tuesday, the chief executive of the UK’s Environment Agency said climate change meant some coastal communities would have to move. Owen Humphreys | PA Images | Getty Images The chief executive of the UK’s Environment Agency has issued a stark warning to coastal communities, … Read more

Indonesia’s fishermen rake in bigger incomes thanks to Aruna app

Utari Octavianty is no stranger to imposter syndrome. The 28-year-old is the co-founder of Aruna, an Indonesian farm-to-table e-commerce start-up that gives fishermen direct access to global consumers, fetching fair prices for their catch. “When we talked to other [start-up] founders, they came from Harvard, Stanford, and suddenly there’s us — from a local university … Read more

Seaweed could be a vital ingredient in the fight against climate change

Like many coastal communities around the world, people living by the sea in the United Kingdom have harvested and consumed seaweed for centuries. In Wales, Welsh laverbread — made from cooking a type of seaweed called laver — is a culinary delicacy so revered that it enjoys Protected Designation of Origin status. Seaweed’s uses do … Read more

FastBlade tidal turbine testing site opens in Scotland

An image of the £4.6 million FastBlade facility. Scotland has a long association with North Sea oil and gas production, but in recent years it’s also become a hub for companies and projects focused on tidal power and marine energy in general. Jeff J Mitchell | Getty Images News | Getty Images A £4.6 million … Read more

Orsted moves forward with plans to grow corals on wind turbines

Alongside their natural beauty, coral reefs have an important role to play in the natural world. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, around one quarter of the ocean’s fish rely on healthy coral reefs. Reinhard Dirscherl | Ullstein Bild | Getty Images Danish energy firm Orsted plans to try growing corals on the … Read more

Taiwan’s ‘biggest offshore wind farm’ generates its first power

An offshore wind turbine in waters off Taiwan. Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs says it’s targeting 20% ​​renewable energy generation by the middle of this decade. Billy HC Kwok | Bloomberg | Getty Images A large-scale offshore wind farm in waters off the coast of Taiwan has produced its first power, with those involved in … Read more