Ranking Patrick Mahomes’ 3 worst games of his career

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is of course one of the best players in the NFL. He has won a Super Bowl, an MVP award, and has been named to the Pro Bowl every year he’s started in the league. He’s also got one of the best records in the league, winning 50 games … Read more

Deebo Samuel still wants to be traded

San Francisco 49ers star wide receiver Deebo Samuel was vocal this off-season in letting the team know he wanted out of San Francisco. He requested a trade during the off-season around the time when others such as Tyreek Hill, Davante Adams, and AJ Brown announced they all wanted to be traded. Breaking News: I just … Read more

Shannon Sharpe shows off incredible physique on his 54th birthday.

It’s another day around the sun for Shannon Sharpe. The NFL Hall of Famer and co-host of FOX Sports’ Undisputed turns 54 today, although looking at him you can’t tell. The former player posted several pictures on Twitter celebrating his birthday and saying he’s in good shape is an understatement. Known for eating right and … Read more

Alvin Kamara and Deshaun Watson cases will illustrate absurdity of NFL punishment

Alvin Kamaraphoto: Getty Images New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara could soon know his fate stemming from the fight he was involved in during Pro Bowl weekend in Las Vegas. Kamara is facing at least a six-game suspension and could also be on the wrong end of a civil suit brought on by the … Read more

Las Vegas oddsmakers at odds on Rob Gronkowski return

How many times can Rob Gronkowski be slimed before it feels empty? photo: Getty Images I remember a time when an athlete would retire and mean it. However, after years of players like Brett Favre, Randy Moss, Marshawn Lynch, and Tom Brady all pulling the ol’ “Just kidding! We’re back!” on fans, you can’t help … Read more

How did Tony Siragusa die? Police release details of NFL legend’s death

The NFL community is still mourning the tragic passing of former Indianapolis Colts and Baltimore Ravens defensive tackle Tony Siragusa. The 55-year-old tragically lost his life two days ago on June 22, 2022. At the time, there were no details regarding the defensive tackle’s passing, until now. According to TMZ via The Sun, Siragusa was … Read more

Details arise of Tony Siragusa’s death 

Tony Siragusa, who played defensive tackle for the Baltimore Ravens and Indianapolis Colts from 1990-2001, died at the age of 55. He palyed for the Colts from 1990-1996 and finished with Baltimore from 1997-2001. Siragusa tragically passed away on Wednesday, June 22nd. According to TMZ, police investigating his death revealed that he received CPR at … Read more

Warren Sapp’s Robert Griffin III theory has more than a few holes

Warren ‘Oliver Stone’ Sapp has a theory about RG3.Image: Getty Images Do you remember the book RG3 was writing? Announced in late November, it was going to be a tell-all tale of his time in Washington, detailing the sexual harassment and medical mismanagement he hardened It was titled Surviving Washington. Do you remember this? Maybe … Read more

NFL News Roundup: Arch Manning chooses Texas, DeAndre Hopkins to fight suspension and more

Not a day goes by in the NFL where news isn’t floating around. Somewhere, something is always happening. Teams are currently gearing up for training camp as they look to get into the swing of things before the regular season commences. Players are fighting for jobs, while others are looking to get into the best … Read more