Philadelphia Eagles down Minnesota Vikings on Monday Night

You like that?!Image: Getty Images In a weak NFC, the Minnesota Vikings and Philadelphia Eagles soundly defeated their Week 1 opponents. They linked up in Philadelphia for a primetime matchup last night. They were the featured attraction for the first ABC/ESPN Monday night doubleheader of the 2022 season. The Eagles entered the season as one … Read more

Texans, Bears, Giants, Seahawks, Jets

1. New York Jets Image: Getty Images The Jets had a pretty good offseason. Unfortunately, they probably won’t improve enough to make a huge impact in the standings. At best, they’ll be the third-best team in the AFC East which isn’t exactly the toughest division in the NFL. And Zach Wilson is likely to miss … Read more

Packers should win NFC North again, but watch out for Bears

Green Bay has won the last three NFC North division titles after the Bears won in 2018photo: Getty Images The Green Bay Packers have won this division each of the last four seasons. They’re the only team in the NFC North with a proven quarterback, and a recent history that includes a good deal of … Read more

2022 could be the Minnesota Vikings’ year

Justin Jefferson photo: Getty Images The Minnesota Vikings head into the 2022 NFL season with one of the most explosives in the league. They feature one of the most productive quarterback wide receiver duos from last year in Kirk Cousins ​​and Justin “Mr. Griddy” Jefferson, plus a second Pro Bowl WR, Adam Thielen. Minnesota finally … Read more

Aaron Rodgers can win third straight NFL MVP award

Aaron Rodgersphoto: AP Aaron Rodgers can win his third straight NFL MVP this coming season. Many will scoff at this lofty notion, but there is a clear path most just don’t see. They could point to all the young gun quarterbacks in the NFL, including Joe Burrow, Justin Herbert, and Josh Allen. Others could use … Read more

Don’t be impressed by the Yankees, they are MLB’s Green Bay Packers until further notice

Aaron Judgephoto: Getty Images The New York Yankees blew out another opponent, and won another game on Sunday. Without question, the Yanks are the big bully of MLB. They are the best team, by far, with a 44-16 record. They honestly look like they should never lose. Ask the Chicago Cubs, who lost, 18-4, in … Read more

Jets and Lions battle for NFL offseason preeminence

Zach Wilsonphoto: Getty Images Two teams who had top four picks in the 2022 NFL Draft and still have long histories of imbecilic incompetence are getting loads of love for their offseasons. If you listen to the way some media personalities present it, the Detroit Lions and New York Jets have a chance to not … Read more