‘Blonde’: Who Were Marilyn Monroe’s Troubled Mother and Mysterious Father?

spoilers for blonde ahead. “Every baby needs a da-da-daddy,” Marilyn Monroe sings in one of her first credited roles, as former burlesque dancer Peggy Martin in 1948’s Ladies of the Chorus. In some ways, this infantilized yet sexualized plea is at the forefront of the portrayal of Monroe and her wounded psyche in Netflix’s blonde. … Read more

Netflix’s ‘Dahmer’ Can’t Conquer Its Grim Fascination

Maybe it’s a testament to the clunkily titled Dahmer—Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story (on Netflix now) that watching the series put me in a funk for days. Surely something so grimly affecting must be doing its job, creating an enveloping mood of dread and sadness that permeates whatever room you’re in, like a foul, inescapable … Read more

Inspired By Squid Game, 1415 Students Play Red Light, Green Light Game For Guinness World Record

A Guinness adjudicator present at the event Over 1415 Students at the University of California Irvine (UC Irvine) participated in the largest game of red light, green light and broke the Guinness World Record. The students played the South Korean childhood classic on Wednesday in Aldrich Park. The popular children’s game is commonly known as … Read more

South Korea’s President Yoon Suk-yeol asks US President Joe Biden to resolve concerns over EV subsidy rules

SEOUL: South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol asked US President Joe Biden to help address Seoul’s concerns that new US rules on electric vehicle subsidies will hurt the country’s automakers, Yoon’s office said on Thursday. Seoul’s opposition to the US Inflation Reduction Act (WILL), signed by Biden last month, has overshadowed Yoon’s first trip to the … Read more

Do Revenge’s ’90s Teen Movie Homages, Decoded

From Revenge‘s most obvious spiritual predecessor is 1999’s Cruel Intentions. Gabby (Talia Ryder) can be seen reading the 1782 novel Les Liaisons Dangereuses, on which the movie is based, at a school assembly. A quote from Choderlos by Laclos’s novel graces the wall of a classroom behind her Drea’s head. And Hawke is the daughter … Read more

‘Do Revenge’ Photo Diary: Go Behind the Scenes of Maya Hawke and Camila Mendes’s Teenage Dream

By Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, as told to Savannah Walsh If hell is a teenage girl, then count on Netflix’s From Revenge to deliver your latest dose of purgatory. Starring Camila Mendes as fallen It girl Dream and Maya Hawke as outsider Eleanor, the film centers on a vengeance plot deliciously conceived by high schoolers, and … Read more

Vanity Fair and Netflix Celebrate ‘Glass Onion’ at TIFF

Movie casts don’t get much starrier than glass onionNetflix’s hotly anticipated Knives Out sequel which made its rousing premiere Saturday night at the Toronto International Film Festival. As the credits rolled on Rian Johnson‘s latest whodunit, a murderer’s row of top talent took the stage—Oscar nominees including Kate Hudson, Edward Norton, and Leslie Odom Jr.; … Read more

‘The Crown’ Will Likely Pause Filming After Queen Elizabeth II’s Death

The Crown is expected to take a hiatus from shooting its sixth season out of respect for Queen Elizabeth II, who died on Thursday afternoon at the age of 96. Peter Morgan—writer, creator, and showrunner of The Crown—issued a statement to Deadline on the queen’s passing and its effect on Netflix’s Emmy Award–winning series. “The … Read more

Netflix Settles Defamation Lawsuit Over “Sexist” Line in The Queen’s Gambit

Never count out a chess champion. Netflix has reportedly settled a lawsuit with Nona Gaprindashvili, the female chess champion and grand master who sued the streaming platform over a line of dialogue in The Queen’s Gambit, which her lawyers claimed perpetuated the “devastating falsehood.” In September of last year, Gaprindashvili filed suit after being name-checked … Read more

Netflix Settles ‘Queen’s Gambit’ Defamation Suit by Chess Master Gaprindashvili – Reports

https://sputniknews.com/20220907/netflix-settles-queens-gambit-defamation-suit-by-chess-master-gaprindashvili—reports-1100488633.html Netflix Settles ‘Queen’s Gambit’ Defamation Suit by Chess Master Gaprindashvili – Reports Netflix Settles ‘Queen’s Gambit’ Defamation Suit by Chess Master Gaprindashvili – Reports MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Netflix has agreed to settle a lawsuit filed by Georgian-Soviet chess master Nona Gaprindashvili, who said she was defamed in an episode of… 07.09.2022, Sputnik International 2022-09-07T10:19+0000 … Read more