NBA players too excited celebrating ProAm performances

Are congratulations really necessary for Kyle Kuzma dropping 67 on Lenny from accounting?photo: Getty Images It’s become a tradition more irrelevant than any other. NBA players dominate local ProAm leagues every summer across the country. Kyle Kuzma is the latest to roast the average joe, dropping a staggering 67 points, 14 rebounds, and nine assists. … Read more

NBA late on retiring Bill Russell’s jersey number

The NBA botched many moments to honor Bill Russell. photo: AP Shame on the NBA. On the surface, it’s a tremendous honor to permanently withdraw Bill Russell’s No. 6. The league, along with the Players’ Association, announced Thursday that his number will never be issued to any player from here on out. It was fitting. … Read more

The NBA retires Bill Russell’s number

No new NBA player will ever wear #6 again. Image: AP The NBA retired its first number ever Thursday, and Bill Russell’s No. 6 couldn’t be a better choice — if it’s not the only choice. A transcendent figure as a player, as a coach, and as a civil rights leader, Russell’s legacy takes dictionaries’ … Read more

NBA releases win-loss projections for 2022-23 season

photo: AP When oddsmakers release NBA win-total futures, most casual fans scan right to their teams’ over/under and say, “My team’s better than that.” After a prolonged and misguided rant about sharps who do this for a living doing their job, the next move is to find the franchises they hate and bitch about the … Read more

Welcome to Blah-gust, the worst time of the sporting calendar

OH MY GOD WHO CARESphoto: AP Mark it down: 9:35 am Wednesday, Aug. 10. We’ve reached the peak (nadir?) of sports’ slow season. You know it’s the doggiest of dog days when ESPN is killing time with Little League World Series coverage. No disrespect to the youth, but I’m not going to subject myself to … Read more

Oklahoma assistant football coach Cale Gundy uses N-word

Cale Gundy is out at ORphoto: AP For Eve, it was the forbidden fruit. For Cale Gundy, it was the N-word. Entitlement is the downfall of people who aren’t satisfied with having everything. unsurprisingly, Mike Gundy’s brother — Cale — likes to say the N-word out loud in front of people. And since the longtime … Read more

NFL wants refs to focus on illegal contact penalties

photo: AP It is bad enough how bold the league is about its financial goals. The NFL wants to bring in $25 billion in revenue by 2027. It has been two years since the start of the pandemic, and the league generated $11 billion per sporty. That number includes local revenue dollars. In the rod … Read more

Kevin Durant is an airhead

Kevin Durant (l.)photo: AP that is if reports are to be believed, and it would depend on which side this slithered out from. Smart money is on the Brooklyn side, but then again watching Kevin Durant throughout his career, this is the kind of hijinx he would shines kindly on him. It’s been pretty dormant … Read more

Some MLB GMs don’t realize spending money is good for business

Juan Soto smiles as he sits alongside Padres president of baseball operations and “big spender” AJ AP In the recent anonymous survey, The Athletic detailed how a few MLB executives felt about the recent trade deadline. Most of the answers were normal, everyday responses to basic questions. “How big a market will Shohei Ohtani … Read more

Miguel Cabrera is why you don’t trade Juan Soto

Miguel Cabrera never won a World Series in Detroit yet he’s still deified by Tigers’ fans. photo: Getty Images Miguel Cabrera was the easy comparison for Juan Soto when he was made available and then eventually shipped out of DC to San Diego. Miggy was the last historically good hitter to be traded at a … Read more